Saturday, February 23, 2013

Return of the True Dragon Lord

I've just got news that we are getting a Blue-Eyes based structure deck. A Blue-Eyes White Dragon based Structure Deck! Holy Shit! After more than a decade of being something only worthwhile in binders as a collection only card, the game's first boss monster might finally get its tournament worthy status it deserved. Of cause, I don't really want a Blue-Eyes reprint, since no one likes common Blue-Eyes, but that is inevitable.

What do I think will be in the structure deck (meaning themes and stuff)?

(1) Direct Blue-Eyes support - Hopefully the new support is good enough to make Blue-Eyes at least Fireking standard. We don't really need a searcher, as we have the best one in the form of Atum the Hieratic Dragon King. We do need a better draw engine. The Trade-In and Cards of Consonance engine is stupid and won't be good in the deck unless its trying to do Exodia. Of cause, we need to know what the main boss monster do before anything else could be speculated.

(2) Dragon / Normal monster / LIGHT support - This is where I'm so hyped for. Most of Blue-Eyes's support indirectly supports Hieratics. If they release a good level 6 LIGHT Dragon that searches for a "Blue-Eyes" monster when successfully summoned, its gonna be AMAZING!

(3) 41 cards instead of 40 - Are they implying we are getting a Blue-Eyes XYZ monster? Or maybe that IS the boss monster? If that's true then I really hope its  summoning condition is "2 Level 8 Light Dragon Monster" and can only activate its effect when it has Blue-Eyes as its XYZ material, sorta like how the new Chaos XYZ are. If the card's effect is something in caliber with Judgment Dragoon, it'll go hand in hand with Tachyon Dragon like its no body's business.

I'm really just super hyped bout this structure deck, too bad we won't get it until June. Luckily I'll still have two month's to play with it before travelling to the US. But hey, if its good I'll just build an identical one in TCG.


Anonymous said...

41 cards most likely indicates a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon-Reprint. I don't think we get an Xyz in a SD

Anonymous said...

You've forgotten about Shadow of the Six Samurai.

GQ said...

i don't think konami's gonna have ultimate dragon in there cause that meant they would had to include 3 copies of Blue-Eyes and also Polymerization. That will certainly affect the overall presentation of the deck, which konami doesn't want, since this deck is gonna be a gold mine for them.

but then again, who am I to speak?

Suryadi Gunawan said...

I hope it's a Effect Monster that can be treated as BEWD. But, who knows? :p