Thursday, May 14, 2009

Any Duelist that lives in Malaysia reading this blog?

well, i kinda feel like the only one reading this blog is Rauzes. just wanna know if anyone reads this. if your reading this blog and from Malaysia, please let me know.

on a side note: I'm currently beginning to learn the Japanese Language, so, if anyone has pointers, I'll be very grateful.Random Picture cause I don't know what to put...


Rauzes said...

Learning japanese, since I know of 3 people who masterd it in one year, heres their advice:

Live in Japan.
Read Manga. Not fanlation crap but real manga.
Watch subbed anime.
play japanese games.

LimGQ said...

except for the first one, i think i'm doing the rest since a long time ago. the jap manga thing since a few months ago after I learn hiragana and katagana

Sheng said...

I read your
I think u know me,right?
I'm TYKS92

LimGQ said...

then why no comment!! I really taught I write for my own fun.

kentho said...

I just found ur blog...Im staying in penang..the name is Ken and i play OCG..visit us sometime at prangin mall