Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Necromancing from the Future

after my last post, I build a deck that is purely just for fun. And by just putting cards of different theme together, I build a deck that I liked alot.

this is "
Cyber-Necro". the deck mainly focus on Chaos Necromancer and its power up ability along with Future Fusion's ability to nearly dumped every single machine in deck, together with Hedgehogs and syncrons, fulling the graveyard for Junk Syncron.

lets take a close look at
Chaos Necromancer (its a very old card from 307, Controller of Chaos). Lv1 (one-for-one), Dark monster 0 atk and def (CCV). its effect is "this card gains 300 attack for each monster inn your graveyard"(everything else). simple yet effective!!

3x Chaos Necromancer
3x Junk Syncron
3x Nitro Syncron
2x Turbo Syncron
3x Quibolt Hedgehog
3x Scarr, Scout of the Dark World
3x Evil Thorn
2x Raiza, the Storm Monarch
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Cyber Dragon

2x One-for-One
1x Future Fusion
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Brain Control
1x Card of Safe Return
1x Monster Reborn
2x Dark Eruption
1x Magnet Circle LV2

3x Good Goblin Housekeeping
1x Limit Rebirth
1x CCV

Extra (Unfortunately, DDB and Bronaic is very expensive in my country) :
1x Chimeratech OverDragon
2x Junk Warrior
3x Nitro Warrior
2x Turbo Warrior
2x Magical Android
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Chain Dragon

as mentioned above, this is a fun deck and would not be an worthy opponent for decks like BF, Lightlord etc Tier 1 decks. Basically, it just dumps alot into the grave and power up
Necromancer while syncro summon with Junk Syncron...


Rauzes said...

scarr is useless here. so is evil thorn. I suggest adding more evil thorn/plant support, such as a lonfire engine(instant +3 plants in grave), more machines, a good way to send cyber dragon back to deck(if you draw it, not future fusion).

LimGQ said...

lol. scarr is there for the very reason I don't have any lone fire blossom! thanks!!

Rauzes said...

Design>Reality, my friend. Most of the decks I design run really well but I never make them in real life. Post the "ideal", and make what works for you.

LimGQ said...

i see. but i really can't tell whether a deck will run smoothly unless i play it. must be the environment i'm in is not as competitive