Tuesday, May 5, 2009

when was the last time...

After reading the recent post on the Nomad Duelist's blog, it makes me kinda feel bad. I mean, how long ago was your last time playing a deck that does not have a certain strategy and just with cards you like. well, I'm sure thats how we start YuGiOh!, but this is to the people that started before the Chaos Era(where the environment starting to get complex).

I remember starting just before the chaos era started, it was way fun back then. I throw in cards like Blue Eyes without its support apart from Lord of D. and having a mixed deck, playing with friends with totally different deck types and enjoyed it alot.

the chaos era really changed YuGiOh!, i wasn't a tournament player back then and don't have much chance to duel against Chaos Emperor, so, I didn't knew how bad my deck really was. Until, my first tournament, it was already Cybernetic Revolution and the chaos had gone away. but the Cyber Dragons brought with them another force that is still popular today, Monarchs(which changed Yugioh forever in my opinion). these emperors are so powerful that fun/mixed decks of that time doesn't even came close. and in that particular region(where the country's most powerful top duelist goes) are deck types I never even seen before.

to match their standard, I've change alot in the past 4-5 years, from my old "I like this card and its going in" attitude, into strategy, sinergy and theming. now, i feel like I can't built a mixed deck like I used to anymore, those things in my brain keep telling me that this won't work. I'm not saying that YuGiOh is not fun now and the decks duelist build today isn't fun, but the current environment just kinda lost its "feel" from before the Chaos. for example, during the tournaments from before Chaos, you see alot of deck dueling each other and the decks are almost entirely different apart from Staples. but since Chaos, its just those few top tier decks that you see in Tourneys...

a few days ago, I played with a friend whose little brother and friends started playing yugioh(they were 12~13? don't really know). I saw them playing with cards that what I(and most tournament players would think are absolute crap e.g Axe Raider?!). but in their duel, it was so relax and fun, and the duels not over until the Life Point is zero(you can't tell who has the upper hand). watching them duel, I felt "This Is YuGiOh! the card game we Love so much!"

I don't know about others, but I'm starting to think that getting more duelist to play like that is the right thing to do. not getting newbies into the game and telling them how powerful Neko Syncro, BF and other Tier 1 decks are and forcing them to play that way!!

F*ck You! Chaos Emperor Dragon

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