Monday, May 11, 2009

Crystallized Heroes - another Idiotic deck or a new legend?

well, not exactly the best idea, but it is quite interesting thou. you may think of Judai and Johan tag dueling like in the GX episodes, that may work, but will a single deck with these 2 archtypes do good?

this really came from a kid that post this on pojo:

that is really a very bad deck, even for me, someone who rarely states opinion on other duelist's decks. but the point he is trying to make is quite interesting, so I decide to give it a try, by the way, this deck's title would be "Crystallized Heroes"

2x CB Sapphire Pegasus
3x CB Amethyst Cat

3x CB Emerald Tortoise

3x CB Topaz Tiger

1x E hero Stratos // Airman

2x E hero Ocean
2x E hero Forestman

2x E hero Wildheart // Wildman

1x E hero IceEdge

1x Morphing Jar


2x Polymerization

3x Miracle Fusion

3x Rare Value
1x Heavy Storm

1x Giant Turnade
1x Monster Reborn
1x Eemergency Call

2x Spiritual Art - Aoi

2x Spiritual Art - Kurogane

1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force

2x Hero Signal

2x Interspace Matter Transportation Unit

3x E hero Absolute Zero

3x E hero Gaia

3x E hero Terra Firma // The Earth ...

well, as you can see. this is a deck purely out of imagination. so, if there should be changes, please inform me.

the basic strategy of this deck is summoning Gaia and Zero. Using Rare Value to speed us the deck by drawing cards. fusion material can be any monsters except Pegasus. Spiritual arts cards are for OTKs or just back ups. Aoi, ditches Zero, turtle(2000 def), and any Water for hand destruction and field destruction sometimes. Kurogane to save your monsters(in a way or another, mostly due to Cat) . Tiger, Airman and Wildman are the main beatsticks, they also can be use a resources for fusion.


Rauzes said...

E Hero Absolute Zero. fix the name.
Ice edge is a waste of time here.
2 Poly seems weird.
3 pegasus would work well if you had some stuff that allowed you to benefit from your filled up backrow

LimGQ said...

well, rare value?

Rauzes said...

more than just that