Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Second and Final Guesses

In case you are not sure what's this blog post about, its gonna be my part-2 // revamp banlist prediction. From my point of view, Konami is needs to seek redemption for the shitty format they put us through for a year now.

The word prediction is sorta misleading. This is by all means, my wish list.

Forbidden // BANNED!!!

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning                                
WInd-Up Hunter
Brionac Ice Barrier Dragon
Monster Reborn
Mind Control
Future Fusion
Pot of Avarice
Ultimate Offering


Dark Magician of Chaos
Magician of Faith
Inzektor Dragonfly // Damsel
Inzektor Centipede
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Light Pulsar Dragon
Elemental HERO Bubbleman
Snow, Unlight of the Dark World
Leviair the Sea Dragon
Giant Trunade
Mystic Space Typhoon


Green, Red, Yellow Gadgets
Rescue rabbit
Tourguide from the Underworld
BF - Kalut the Moon Shadow


Summoner Monk
Destiny Draw
Book of Moon
Irrelevant stuffs et. all

Now, that was an extremely long list, but I have my reasoning for that. I would rather the format reset itself and new top tier emerges than people simply changing stuffs in their build or move to another tier 1 that didn't got hit as hard. Also, I wanna see past decks come back, from my list, you'll see that the deck I wanna see the most would be TeleDAD. While TeleDAD was one of the most expensive deck in history, the format was very skill based. I've build a version of TeleDAD using this current banlist and its very fun. It could ditch out OTKs consistently but there's no "do this and you win", you have to use your brain and formulate a kill unlike a lot of decks right now that only ever does 1 thing.

I'll go through the list real fast. I'm not gonna explain the cards I've already did in my previous post, unless the reasoning for why I put it up now changes. Also, note theres an et. all at the unlimited session. Swords of Revealing Light and his gang fall under that category as they would do nothing at 3.

Banned :

BLS, Monster Reborn, Mind Control and Future Fusion all had it coming, they promote random top decks and does nothing to the game but let bad players snatch games from better ones. Reborn is one of my favorite cards ever, but what has to be done, has to be done.

Hunter is the main reason why people hate Wind-Ups. In my last post, I brought Zenmight to 1 and left Hunter alone. After some discussion, I realize that move would kill Wind-Ups all together, when the deck is actually quite skill based outside of that stupid loop. Thus, I took that back and wished for the banning of Hunter instead. Sangan basically does the same thing. TGU made Sangan broke, no doubt, but without Sangan, TGUs are just 1-card-XYZs, and their first turn play would be limited to Leviathan or Zenmains. They're still good, but not nearly as versatile now. Same goes to Ultimate Offering, while Gadget players now would use Double Summon to go to Giganto X first turn, Offering is no doubt still a big power card. Also, the sole purpose of Offering is to do OTK, nothing else, something like that would never be fair.

Brionac is a card that has lots of hate and love on its name. I really didn't want to see this last Dragon (sorta) of the synchro era go, but this card just have too many loops center around it. For example, a certain Singaporean's Infernity Loop wouldn't be possible without this card. Its almost a certain that as long as this card remained unbanned, some one is gonna find a way to abuse it.

Limited :

As much as I hate it, I do agree REDMD needs to be address by the banned list. Don't get me wrong, I won't want REDMD to be at any number lower than 2, but I don't see any point in putting it at 2. Yes, Hieratics run a full playset, but they are still very much workable at 2; the only way to hit it is to limit it. Chaos Dragons still can work with RED!MD at 1, they don't really care, but now they would have to fear Bottomless Trap Hole more than ever. LightPulsar at 1 is my answer to "fuck yourself chaos dragons, just go fuck yourself".  I hate Chaos Dragons so much I want Light Pulsar banned if possible, but we all know thats not gonna happen, they would rather banned REDMD than to ban Light Pulsar.

Inzektor Damsel and Centipede to 1, this would kill the deck. Do I hate the deck that much? No, I don't hate Inzektors at all, but they are dominating the game for far too long and made the format much too boring. The deck is too linear, that is why its boring. Hitting either Damsel or Centipede at 1 would be enough to chip off Inzektors from tier 1, but knowing Konami, they would either hit too hard or not hard enough. If thats the case, I rather them outright kill the deck as another format with Inzektors would leave a lot of slower decks that require set up unplayable.

E HERO Bubbleman is the sole reason HERO OTK exists. People are saying, banned Airman, but the dude had been a staple in HEROs since forever, and has never been a problem, until XYZs comes into play. Bring Bubbleman to 1, you could still bring out XYZs fairly consistent, but there would not be OTKs with the Reborn// Variant bull shits. You can't outright banned the XYZs, they did nothing wrong. I still feel Bubbleman should be better off being a tech card than a main board staple at 3.

Leviair is the only monster XYZs that I felt should never be anything more than 1. A walking D.D.R you could bring out fairly easily is good to spice up the game and add variation. But doing it more than once is just plain broken. Especially since the card normally only does OTKs. While not many decks are running more than 1 copy of Leviair in their extra deck, I do think that this kind of ability shouldn't come more than once.

Last cards on the limited list would be Giant Trunade and MST. Yes, I want to play in the Storm-Trunade-MST formats again. While I do not hate MSTs at 3, I do agree that its taking innovation away from the game. In every deck and side, 3 spaces would be given to MSTs. Trunade coming back to 1 would help compensate the lost of good backrow hate. And lets face it, Trunade was never really banned worthy, espeacially now when Storm is back and staying at 1. Some might say MST at 1 would means backrow war again. But I feel MST at 3 is the real reason why we are having backrow wars this format. Since setting 1 would almost certainly get blown away by MST, we rather risk Storm then to get OTK because they have MST.

Semi-limited :

Mezuki at 2 and zombies goes broke, yes, that was my quote a few post back. I still firmly believe Mezuki at 2 would make zombies very very good, but I can't really resist the temptation of reliving TeleDAD. Blue-Blood Oni would make tTeleDAD so damn fun!
Gadgets at 2 with Utimate Offering banned? I don't hate gadgets or anything, but if my banlist becomes active and the current top decks get hit badly, Gadgets would reign supreme. Even without Offering, Machina gadgets are extremely good. First turn Giganto X is a very very solidplay, and the steady stream of non stopping Gadgets can be overwhelming at times. Offering serves as the deck's main OTK card, true. But, without it, the deck can still ditch out wins against the current top decks. So, I think the Gadgets no longer have business at 3s.

Some of the other card choices are either too obvious for discussion or no reason at all.

Unlimited :

Destiny Draw and Summoner Monk are cards people are begging to come back to unlimited. I shall not repeat what they've already said.

Spore is a card I think could come back. Sure, its still an extremely powerful card, but its nowhere near as versatile as Glow Up Bulb, you need to actually play plants in the deck to gain excess to it. Synchron would get a boost, undoubtly. But aside from that and pure plant decks, I don't see anything playing it. And giving a boost to dead decks aren't such a bad thing in my books.

Book of Moon at 3 because Veiler's a bitch. Book of Moon is one of the most balanced cards ever to be printed and it acts as nothing but defense. Book of Moon can almost never be played offensively, attacking a monster and putting it face down doesn't count, and Empty Jar have excess to Book of Eclipse anyway. This is a card that could stop OTKs rather well and also save your monsters, something the Forbidden (referring to the cards that have a woman holding onto something) cards can never do by itself. If my memory serves me right, people play Forbidden Chalice as a substitute for Book of Moon back in the day.


This is my wishlist and not really a "prediction" list, so some of the card choices would seem VERY biased. 


blackwingEX said...

ban leviar
keep brio

book at 3
gyza at 1, bestiari at 2

everything else is ok...

Heavy shit eater said...

u forgot the limitation of witch of the black forest to boost Profecy archtype and sell tons of REDU, at least in TCG.

GQ said...

@Heavy shit Eater : I think I'm the only one left that still thinks Witch as broken.

@BlackwingEX : leviair ban is open for discussion. Brionac ban would get rid of a lot of random FTKs.

Anonymous said...

To stop Leviair, it must be banned. I don't think that limiting it could change something, and on the other hand, it's the only way to access to the banish zone. Conclusion, I think that the Banlist would never hit this card.

mike said...

I think book of moon MUST go to 2 at least to fight veiler. Seriously veiler is damn annoying. Anyhow good list I won't mind playing under this list. I also think final countdown should be hit in some way probably by limiting it or limiting duality.

GQ said...

@mike : ban A Day at Piece :)

Kahzel said...

You do hate otk decks and you still propose to return giant trunade? i don't know if you thought this over really hard, but I'd rather otk with Giant Trunade, than Heavy.

Main reason is also that many decks don't play judgment at all anymore, just Rabbit Dino uses Starlight + Judgement often.

Giant can only be blocked by Judgment or Bribe, which is just played by Skill Drain variants.
So I'd rather have Giant, than Heavy or MST, to kill my opponent with all dragon stuff (no matter if chaos dragon or hieratic).

GQ said...

@Kahzel : I don't hate OTK, or better put, I hate any deck that couldn't OTK. But I get tired of seeing the same things over and over again, so I rather kill them and promote new OTKs. If that makes sense.