Sunday, August 12, 2012

*Sorta* Confirmed Banlist Reaction AND Tourney Report

If the list posted by Baha is real, sources told me Satoshi Kato was the one who posted it somewhere, and many claimed that its credible, I would love the next format.

While not nearly addressing as much forbidden as I hoped, a good amount of cards I wished to be hit, got hit, in one way or the other.

Likes :

Emergency Teleport & Destiny Draw to 3 :

I always thought Konami hates me, apparently they know my urge to play TeleDAD again. I wish this is the real list, cause I know the deck I'm building right now can go a tier higher with these 2 unlimited.

Tourguide, Hornet, Damsel & Rescue Rabbit :

While Hornet wasn't in my wish list, it did have 2 Inzektors on it, so I'm still happy with this. In case anyone of you is wondering, the majority of the Top8 at WC2012 are Inzektors. TGU and Rabbit are 2 cards I wanna see semi-limited, see my wish list for explainations.

Spore, Debris, Kalut and Earth +1 :

This is GREAT!! After some thoughts, I realize Spore at 3 and Spore at 1 means very different things. Sure, you could only use its effect once, but if you want access to level 2 tuners, you would need another level 1 plant (tuner) in the deck. If Spore is at 3, you could just run 2 Spores, but if its at one, you would need to play something like Copy Plant. How is this different? Copy plant is dead in the grave without Spore, even with other plants. Okay,  its not much different. Debris, Kalut and Earth to 2 is very good cause I could see Doppel Plant and TG Agents coming back. BF, not so much, cause it would take another Goyo to bring them back to competition, but we are talking about a format where the current Top 3 dies, hmmm.

Hates :

Emergency Call, Duality and A HERO Lives to 2:

Don't get me the wrong way, I'm not hating this because I'm a HERO player and it messes up with my deck. I'm hating this because it doesn't damage the deck I hate most in the game, BubbleBeat, that much. I simply wanna see Bubbleman get limited and maybe a HERO Lives too. 

My current deck doesn't get affected in anyway, I don't play RoTA, just 3 ECalls; if Call is semi-limited, I'll just switch the third copy with RoTA, no big deal. I don't run HERO Lives or Duality, so it doesn't affect me at all. But seriously, I actually hope they just kill or seriously hurt the Bubbleman engine (without touching my avatar), I want HERO to the the deck only guys with ego problems would play, like it used to be, not something a random kid would pick up and op a locals with.

Offering to 1:

Its still too powerful at 1, it really is. While the consistency of Offering has severely decreased with the semi-limitation of Duality and limiting Offering itself, opening Offering still spells game. It should be banned off the bat. But, its good that they notice Offering  as a threat, but they still didn't hit it hard enough in my opinion. 

Where are Reborn and BLS?

Indifferent :

Most of the other cards I do not particularly like or hate the changes on the list.

Convocation and REDMD getting hit spells good game for Hieratics, its sad to see them go, since they had been my primary official deck since the beginning of the year, BUT if this is good for the game, I say go for it. Pure Hieratics could no longer keep up with the META anyway, its time for me to move on and build another tier 1 for Asia format.


Tourney Report August 8, 2012 - TB Top Shop Rep #3.

Format : 4 rounds of Swiss, the player at the top by the end of round 4 wins.

Deck played : LIMIT BREAK!! HERO

I played today cause I wanna help bump my friend from Team Arcobeleno, LCW, so he could join Fishtank and me at Top Shop. 

Match 1 : VS Junk Synchron 

Its not Doppel, or maybe my opponent just can't draw into it.

Duel 1 : My opponent was not a particularly good player, and walked straight into my Gemini Spark twice. A few turns later, he used up all he his to make a Scrap Dragon, targeting his other monster and my backrow, I flipped Mask Change on Ocean and he lost his Warning (his life was under 2000), Mirror Force and another card I can't remember, and his Scrap became 2500. GG.

Duel 2 : He made Scrap and attacked my Acid, I flipped Super Poly, but I noticed I took out Draco-Equites from my extra, lol. He said I could set the card back, but I just drop the card since I thought it would be unfair and such. My life was now under 1000, maybe my opponent thinks his in a good position, but I actually want this to happen. I summon Airman (which I kept in my hand since turn 1) grabbed the Bubbleman in my deck, make Hope and Superior Cross Ride into Hope Ray. Shouted LIMIT BREAK and go for the kill.

I've actually forgotten I did this after the match and I was actually pissed I "didn't" Limit Break! once the whole day, LOL. Too much CFV anime for me, although I no longer play the card game.

Match 2: VS Wind-Up.

Duel 1 : I kept the toys at bay and go for the kill with Mask Change and Dian.

Duel 2 : Unlike Game 1, I didn't play a single fusion monster, I made Excalibur and Blade Heart for the game thou.

Unlike my first match, I can't really remember what happened during the coarse of the game.

Match 3: VS Inzektor - Ah Yin better known as "Sam is my Teacher!!"

Because my opponent is a local at GA, he probably won't like playing a promo based deck, so I swap decks, LOL!! To Hieratics, just to be fair.

Duel 1 : I open both Vanilla.

Duel 2 : I open both Vanilla, but I also had a CardCar and 2 Reckless, those helped. At 1 point, I was holding a piece of Veiler , 2 sets which were Judgment and Lance, and REDMD on the board. My opponent played Storm, I hesitated where I should play Judgment, since he milled his Dark Hole and Lance would not help against Inzektors. But since I can't draw for the next turn, I decided I want another card to back me up. He then banished his Hornet and Veiler to make BLS and attack my REDMD, I flipped Lance, he was very much emo.

Duel 3: I open with both Vanilla. Okay ...

Is this a sign to me that my Hieratics are tired already? Anyway, this is my first loss at TB in a very very long time now.

Match 4: VS Chaos Dragon - Zack

He was just playing on behave of someone else, it doesn't really matter since I would rather duel him than his friend who only started a month or 2 ago.

Duel 1 : He opens with Future Fusion, Sword Breaker kepted him at bay for a while, until he top decked a Mind Control.

Duel 2 : Reckless Greed did what it does, and I swarm and won before he could. He Topped a Mind Contrl//Electric Virus, trying to take my REDMD (0/0) to bring back his Pulsar, I showed him Veiler.

Duel 3 : He opened very slow, and I made a field of Gaia, REDMD and Bounzer. That basically locked down his board.

Placing : 3rd, not that it matters. 

LCW lost to my round 3 opponent in round 2, so my job as a bumper ended there, LOL. And Sam's NO1 Pupil would rose to being TB Rep #3.


Ventus said...

The list is okay but still pretty hmmm ... I don't like hitting the Hero stuff either, its not much they hit, they hit consistency at most but not much.

They need to keep Offering in the game for Madolce and Machina Gadgets to make any impact here in TCG, will be banned "lol" when it gets too good in February with Ha7 arrival here and Tinplate Goldfish and probably the set after ABRI.

Anyway, Inzektor, Tour Guide and Wind ups get the hit, gotta lovin that

Anonymous said...

mask change in your hero deck! deck list?

GQ said...

@Anon1 : :) The formats ending, I doubt it would do you good thou. Maybe if more people want to view it.

FireThunder said...

RE:Ultimate Offering to 1? Don't most OCG builds of Gadgets use Double Summon anyway?

GQ said...

@FireThunder : Most Machina Gadget run 2 to a playset of Double Summon, thats why I don't think they really need that Offering for anything but OTK.

mike said...

Lol Sam taught his apprentice to stack u !

Rizource said...

Dont really feel like they hit hero in any way... Still gonna OTK as easy as now. I wonder if one is able to play 2 rabbits and 2 tour guides and still perform good, if u open rabbit 4 traps still game... And rabbit got less hit then inzektor or windup IMO, ofc insects are the nr1 deck in OCG but i wish they would care a bit more for TCG besides windup :(

Jaskemann said...

Wow, I have a lot to learn from you, guess I'm going to have to bookmark this site.