Saturday, August 18, 2012

TB Top Shop #4 Tourney - Hieratics Are NOT Dead!!

I basically played today to help Mike get into Top Shop and also test my Hieratic build for September. The list you saw I post ... nevermind that, its nothing like that.

Today we saw the entire Team Arco, including Sunny who had not been in YGO competitively for the past 9 or so months. And also, Jason and Parameswara guy, who are Mike's team mate for Asia Plus.

Deck played : Hieratic

Match 1 : Vs Hieratic

This dude was playing the March banlist of cause, but he was playing this build with 2 Ennead's Hieratic Seal, Luster Dragon (Sapphire) and also Curse of Dragon. I say its super inconsistent.

Duel 1 : Controlled the game with Rank 6 and 5's.

Duel 2 : Bounzer, Focus Force and Tiras working overtime again.


Whoever says Hieratics can only be played in OTK fashion, this just proves you wrong.

Match 2 : Vs Agent - LCW

Duel 1 : I made early Focus Force and Gaia to poke for damage. He sets up for Gachi too late, I played Mind Control on Gachi and went for game.

Duel 2 : I put multiple Tiras on the board and swing for damage, he can't get rid of them and his Hyperion and Krystia were stop by my back rows.


Match 3 : Vs Inzektor - Jason

Duel 1 : I put Tiras and Focus Force on the field and controlled the board.

Duel 2 : I open Shadow Mirror, Judgment, MST, Chain Disappearance, Dark Hole and Ghost Ship. I set 4 and hit by MST. His turn came, he summons Centipede, I play Mirror, and he swing for 1600. I top an MST, knowing his set card isn't an MST (since he could have easily blow both my facedown last turn, and also chain it to my Mirror), I play it, hit a Judgment, Dark Hole his board. 

Few turns later, he plays POD to get BLS, but I had Transmigration to get rid of his only Veiler and also get another Convocation for my deck. I finally drop my Ghost Ship to deal damage. He POD for Card Trooper, summons it, end up in Chain Disappearance. I won from there.


Match 4 : Vs Inzektor - Mike

So, my job as a bumper is done, and we go into conspiracy mode. We still play for fun thou.

Overall, I'm very pleased at what my build could do, considering its going against full powered Inzektors. I'm stunned at how consistent the deck still really is. Sure, I might not be able to go crazy and OTK like no ones problem, but as a control deck, I say its pretty much pretty solid.


monster (21):

3 Hieratic Dragon of Su
3 Hieratic Dragon of Tfenut
3 Hieratic Dragon of Eset
1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metial Dragon
3 Card-car D
2 Effect Veiler
2 Ghost Ship
2 Cyber Valley
1 Wattmeter Dragon
1 Emerald Dragon

spell (10):

2 Hieratic Seal of Convocation
2 Pot of Duality
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
1 Dark Hole
1 Mind Control
1 Book of Moon

trap (9):

3 Reckless Greed
2 Bottomless Trap Hole (I played Torrential since its still Inzektor format)
2 Call of the Haunted
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (I know I'm taking this out now, its no longer useful)


Ghost Ship is amazing, it not only serves as a level 5 that you could drop anytime mid and late game, it could also ditch out that extra 1900 you might need. You can even special it and summon Cyber Valley for a 2-for-2, AND unlike CCD, you get to use the cards you are pulling. 

Also, Cyber Valley could be use to recycle your cards, if some of you have not notice that. Cyber Valley and Reckless Greed late game is extremely powerful.

My current playstyle doesn't really involve REDMD in anything, his good to have but not unnecessary important. Rank 6 have some of the best monster XYZs in the game, and rank 5 has 2 as well. Instead of trying to do OTK all the time, try to slow down and try to utilize the potential of the deck in making 5 and 6's. Its good, believe me, but I doubt many would prefer playing the deck like this. 

Conclusion : The deck is still very much playable, I sorta know this, and today proves it. And I have some very decent players to back my statement. Still, I do think this deck has no more business doing in the META game, which is good for myself as I like to run decks that not many would play.


mike said...

I dunno but i feel CED/Lance would be good in here. You can chain to Torrential etc.

Anonymous said...

Fk. You're dam good

Anjo said...

Ghost Ship liek a BOSS

Anonymous said...

What's your extra deck look like?

GQ said...

extra (15):

2 Gaia Dragoon
2 Atum
1 Focus Force
1 Bounzer
1 Sword Breaker
1 Exa-Beetle
1 Tiras
1 Volcasaurus
1 Crimson Armor Ninja (would be Adreas once it comes out)
1 Ancient Sacred Wyerb
1 Black Rose
1 Catastor
+1 random

GQ said...

I don't own any Volcasaurus and Mike was borrowing the Volcasaurus from a common source, so I ran 2 Tiras this tourney. Just to clarify the "Multiple tiras part" in the post when my list has only 1 Tiras

mike said...

The volcasaurus is mine now all of Crowsers cards are mine, but none of my cards are Crowsers.

Anonymous said...

u should try d-hero mali here, great card