Sunday, June 21, 2009

Difference of the same Deck over continents!! WOW

so, yesterday, I bought 2 copies of warriors strike(cause my budget can't allow me to take the 3rd. maybe next week). and they were not alot of people at local shop yesterday. but we held a tourney anyway cause the shopkeeper was bored and decided to play with his GB deck which he swap for a Crystal Beast half way cause no one care any way. its small, 5 people plus the shopkeeper.

back to topic. i notice this quite sometime ago but didn't really see the issue until yesterday dueling the shopkeeper's CB deck. its very very very good!! I had to swap my deck to my Light Beat to duel it(and still lost...)!! so, F*** those TCG guys who say CBs are weak. there goes for Elemental Heroes as well, and alot of decks TCG consider weak!!

here are some examples:
Gladiator beast~
OCG : alot of traps and spells back row support and few monsters. Uses their equip cards to make them a hella trouble to beat! don't really care about the Limiting Bestiari to 1 that TCG cried so loud about.

TCG : based on Rescue Cat and Test Tiger... a lot, almost to the point the Samnite and thos 2 are the main point of the deck. Focus on quickly summoning monsters and taging in and out. not much else...

Black Feathers//BF~
OCG : same as GB, the backrows are full as hell. 3 solemns and bribes to protect the birds and their whirlwind. swaming the field for mostly one reason, DDB... the main focus is to just finish your opponent off FAST!!

TCG : basically the same concept except that they tend to have far lesser back rows. its far slower than the OCG version but could be more versatile in some cases.

LightLord ~
OCG : overall mill and swarm that is so freaking annoying its not funny. having Black Shining G to prevent DDB or anything like that. ends the game quick but the strategy just seems to stay the same since LOTD...

TCG : their crown "This is the bet deck ever" deck that is winning their tourneys. mostly due to Charge of the Light Bridgade, a freaking card that lets you search and mill. it has alot of variant like Twilight and such but the basic idea stays the same. its much more stable complaring to the OCG version.

Core Chimails ~
OCG : not sure yet cause I'm the only one in the local playing it. but according to Rauzes and some sites. it mainly uses Magical Hats to send the cores to the grave. using Kaiser Colloseum to prevent swarm. and uses all the monsters attack powers to press the opposnt down.

TCG : Focusing on Drago and their ability to lock your opponents light and dark monsters. this is due to Light Lord and BFs are their top deck. not much to say as they never won anything BIG.

Syncro Cat ~
OCG : our all time favourite syncron deck that allows swift lv 6 or 7 syncros that win the game for you there and then. X-saber Airbellum is the main star of the deck. this deck has been around since DT1 and still running strong in the form of AKB, which allows your to summon lv 7 syncro monsters fast. Its highly commented as the best META deck in the aspect of balancing Attacking and Defensing.

TCG : its a new deck to them and basically the TCG is just copying the OCG styles. but lacking the DT syncros, this deck won't be even close to rivaling the OCG variant. espeacially as the TCG main lv 6 syncro, Goyo Guardian is down to 1.

Heroes ~
OCG : focusing on summoning Absolute Zero and put a timebomb on your opponent side of the field. Partly control and mostly destruction. this deck focuses on the balance of the heroes(usually the Ds) and water monsters. the main point of this deck is that any 2 monsters can fuse into Zero.

TCG : their City variants. based on lockdown and beatdown. the City decks are based on Neos Allius and Stratos. high power lv 4 that gain advantage under Skyscrapper and lose nothing under Oppresiona and Skill Drain(stratos yes, but you play his 1st turn). searching is vital in this deck as most monsters are warriors, RoTA is a must. Seeing lesser plays this days due to the fast META game the last format created.

OCG : send pieces to the grave and summoning them back. they mostly runs Undead in the deck cause they are best at what they do. Only one Phrase can express this deck:"this is the best deck you can have if you wanna do what they do best, and what they do best isn't very nice..." in oter words OTK.

TCG : it based on control.. using DAD to blow up everything and Allure and D.Draws to speed things up. Caius the Shadow Monarch is the main piece in this deck. it focuses on syncro too. as Zombie Carrier and Krebons are still the best in what they do, summoning LV8 syncros.

well, this list just won't end, won't it. there are just numerous decks you could compare between the 2 formats. only thing I could say is... the people from the East and those from the West... they really are from the East and the a West...

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