Monday, June 29, 2009

Nationals in One Week!!

as the title said, the national for my country starts this Saturday. I already registered, so there won't be a fuzz on that day. I think I'll get to use my parent's car, so it should be okay. but there is in one very BIG problem. I don't have a deck....

this is serious guys!! the tourneys less than a week and I haven't build my deck yet. and I do have collage this week making the time margin alot more packed.

so, should I go with Gladial Beast that done me well for the last 2 tourneys(top16 and top 9)? but that was before limiting Bestiari... or maybe playing my LightBeat. but I lost to a BF first round with a similar build last time.

can someone suggest what to use. and please put in mind that the Promos are not allowed for some retarded reasons...

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Rauzes said...

Build something cheap, easy, yet efficient, but also wild and unimaginable.

I suggest going SIMPLE and SIMPLER, while retaining TWO very important things:
Being able to get rid of BF problems
Being able to get rid of AKB/Kittybeat problems.
Works well, but you gotta be used to it. MSN me if you are actually using it so i can explain the myriad ways to make minds explode.