Thursday, June 11, 2009

地縛神 Wira...q..o..cha How u Pronounce this thing!!

地縛神 Wiraqocha Rasca, the final Earthbound God, the big boss of the season, the awesome godlike ImBA monster with the attack of... 100 points? what?

just kidding. the freaking god (i'll just call him CondorGuy from now) can boost itself up to 3100 being the biggest of the gods. he'll do this by returning cards to the players deck(up to 3) and gain 1000 per card. sounds good? but there is one tiny probly. it only return YOUR cards...

well, i personally can't think off anyway to use this card yet. as his stats and effect can be very useful for some deck but i really have nothing up my head right now...

well, one thing is that your opponent also lose their hand when ths guy power ups and this guy unlike the gods, can be search by Sangan and that freaking Tomato. Crush Card Virus also targets him. its really a shame that Metamorphysis is banned, or Cyber End Dragon would totally have sex with this freak!!

by the way, anyone know how to pronounce his name?

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