Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back from a Trip... Exhausted!

well, I went on a family trip with my family and relatives to Melaka, Malaysia since Friday and reach home 2 hours ago. the first night, what me and my cousin(and his cousin) did, was duel alot!!

okay, for those of you who don't know him, my couz is the writter of this blog, YugiohMalaysia(what a name, I know... you can find the link in my subs). his a great duelist that make great decks but without good senses(aka he doesn't really know what is he doing...) and his cousin(a 10 YO) sucks!!

back to topic, my couz build a deck that is based on 1-for-1, D.Mobilephone and DiamondGuy. its based on gaining hand and field advantage. and just for fun he threw in Obelisk and Eraser....

well, it wasn't really a great holiday and I'm too tired to search for the English names of the card he used. so that will be all. and I made good deal with a kid. Super Rare E.Hero DarkBright for rm40 (approximately 13 USD...).

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