Monday, June 8, 2009

Fuck my Luck!!

yesterday, I went to Jaya Jusco and saw this Asian English CRMS booster box. i was like "wat? are AE still in production. "

because its from the official dealer, it can't be fake. then, i saw this page on a Hong Kong game Magazine title "new product ANPR and AE CRMS"(it was from 1 month ago). so, i bought a pack and went off.

i went to McD to get a coke. then I open the pack. I pulled a freaking DDB.... a Freaking DDB in a pack. What luck.
nothing much today, man, 2nd semester of university started last week, and the pressure is hitting on my head as we speak.


rEVIL said...

oh god u r damn fking lucky!!
which jj u went XD?

LimGQ said...

bukit tinggi.

mike said...

R u from Malaysia? get a tagbox for this blog :)BTW i linked u.