Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Singapore World Qualifications...OVER!! My battlefield is just STARTING!!

"This is not a story about a Singapore tourney. Everyone has a tourney, a tourney that ends somewhere. My tourney is just about to start..." ~ LGQ90 ... yeah right... anyone who watchs the anime and manga would know this quote.

well, the Singapore World Qualifications are just over, and the 1st place are BF!! (wow, I never expected that...OMG!!). 2nd place...BF(2 in a row!! mirror match!! what coincidence!!). 3rd is still BF(are they really that good. wow good players really think alike!!).... yeah right... kinda pissed when i watch the semi and finals over Youtube. there is close to no originality as the decks almost look identical... yeah, the only thing differents are the sleeves!!

well, can't blame them, as BFs are one of the more compatitive decks right now. but whats gonna top at OUR qualifiers?

4th of July, Malaysia's WC09 qualification tourney. man... 4th of July, they won a war or something. or maybe it hints that a war between duelist would broke up that day and the victor//saver would proundly make that day a festival yearly? so, judging from the recent META, I say the winner would most probably be... BF... why?

1. our tourney won't allow Promos(thats right!! blame the HongKong guys cause we just follow them!!), and that includes DT cards which are imposible to get by many except those who goes to my local stall. AKB... out of the ring!!

2. DDB is available in every single extra deck!! means... BF would PWN!!

3. my Heroes won't be much of a threat considering all the powerful heroes are promos!! F* up!!

4. ... cause BF are so popular here...well, not really as I haven't seen one since the last tourney 2 months ago...

a)Lightlord... never good in OCG.
b)Oppre? maybe but raioh and fossil dyna not allowed?
c)Gladial Beast... seen them got pwn too many times...
d)counter angel? "I solemn, solemn, solemn again. ha ha. I am negate King", "blast, sp summon Gale. SYNCRO SHOKAN, DDB" (T.T)... end of story...
e)any other deck? ojama maybe?

well. currently I'm relax!! my decks done and ready to PWN anyone that comes in my way!! and winning the tourney is a piece of...Aluminium Nitrate soaked in Copper(2) Sulphide solution left for decomposition for 2 days or 48 hours.... meaning, I have no clue what am I gonna do now. Who am i kidding, i'm in deep shit!! my Light Beat isn't any where near completion!! and my school grades are bad = gotta spend more time studying!!

well, guess its bye bye WC09, I'll miss you... although we never met or heard about each other...

till next time. thanks for the time on the randam CRAP!!

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