Monday, July 12, 2010

Freaking Tired!!

Just came back from school after me and my mates played badminton with only ME stupid enough to play for 3 hours straight.

Fluid Mechanics test today, consists of 15 % of the total, I say, fak it, why did I even bother reading the last weekend, its an easy 15%, if my calculator and my eyes don't betray me.

Enough of the stupid stuffs!!

Thoughts on that Equipment Cats that was on Neux's video. Quite cool, especially Daemon Beaver. But concept wise, its very similar to Lam's Unicorn deck. While I DO, admit that its a lot more stable(from my 1st impression) and has more tricks up its sleeves, its basic gameplay is almost identical.

I still don't get why people main Super Polymerization in E HERO fusion based decks. Siding 2, yes, I understand perfectly, or maining 1 and another in the side is fine as well. But 3 in the main is a bit too ... I mean, the biggest portion of the current META game is well, DARK.

Or maybe its just Malaysia, but still ...

2 copies of Concentrated Light in E HERO fusion is a GREAT idea. Well, that or Snowman.


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