Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sungei Wang Locals report 31/7/2010

Haven't been in any tourney for a month, went to Sungei Wang to sell some stuffs, Soliel and Ah Yong didn't show up ... what ever.

deck used : Flamvell Cats

Match 1 vs Plant OTK - Ah Lim

1st duel - He rushed but failed to finish me off. Brain Control and Rescue Cat FTW.

2nd duel - CyDra was out and he had nothing to take it down.


1 - 0

Match 2 vs Frog Monarch - Uncle Micheal

1st duel - I dropped my Solemn when I draw my opening hand, he was so cautious that he lost his game.

2nd duel - Dustshoot him and and saw 2 Testes, 1 Dupe Frog, MST and Soul Release. Sends frog back. Normally, this is a bad move but I wanna gamble with this. I won the bet as he tribute his Treeborn for Testalos instead of Soul Release, summon Goyo and controlled from there.


2 - 0

Match 3 vs Dragunity - sorry, I can't remember his name ...

1st duel - 3 Gravekeeper's Spy up my hand.

2nd duel - 3 Dimension Prison main is a good idea. That and also Elefun.

3rd duel - Me with an empty field with 8000 life and he with his Dragon Valley and 5400 life. He hesitated but summons Laevatein and attack twice. But decided to pull off a little (he shows me he has another card at hand but can't take me out anyway, so he decides to save it for later), but I have Cydra and Brain Control at hand ...


3 - 0

4th Match vs BF - Zack

1st duel - I was at a dead position, nothing in my hand can change anything, only thing I can do is to just block the attack off. Sets Spy and he has Blast attack into it and drop Kalut. He then tunes his Blast to a Blizzard into Bronaic and discards Vayu. I topped deck Rescue Cat and then activates Brain Control!!

2nd duel - Sets 1 back row and 1 Spy, his Sirocco can't get through and he has 2 back row. Cold wave, Rescue Cat, and control from there.


4 - 0

5th Match vs Machina - Cookie

1st duel - Misplay and lost. Tried to go for total destruction but got MST.

2nd duel - Cyber Dragon and Crevice.

3rd duel - I have a lot of set cards and keep on removing his cards.


5 - 0

ranking : 1st!!

Yes!! Finally a 1st since a long time ago. Prizes aren't really good but that doens't really matter!!

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