Saturday, July 3, 2010

The King and The Devil - Scar-Red Nova -

Epic title. No other word for it.

Star Strike Blast comes out in about 2 weeks time and Fak Shooting Star Dragon, I'm with Scar-Red Nova all the way!!

Been testing my Scar-Red Nova deck for a day now (with proxies of cause) and find this deck incredibly fun to play with. And Scar-Red Nova is a beast!! You summon him and you can basically look at your opponent trying whatever he has to try to take it down.

Concept of the deck is something like BUSTER mode decks (summon the syncro quick and set Buster mode), only thing different is that nothing is there as a dead draw (which the /Buster is usually).

Have A LOT of tuners so that you can syncro with high consistency and freaking power up Scar-Red Nova. Tuners of choice, Petit Immato and Junk Syncron. Useful as always. Others may include : Deep Sea Diva, Krebons and Plague Spreader Zombie.

Throw your backup plan out of the window as this deck basically wins once Scar-Red Nova hits the field.

Dark Creator is awesome in here and have something non-dark to take care of Concentrated Light and his lot!!

Tragodia and Gorz can be syncro fodders in this deck as well!!

And heres the deck list!!

monster (30):

3x The Dark Creator
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Junk Syncron
3x Petit Immato
2x Cyber Dragon
2x D HERO Malicious
2x Krebons
2x Mystic Tomato
2x Armageddon Knight
1x Spore
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1x Tragodia
1x Sangan
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
1x Mind Master
1x Treeborn Forg

spell (10)

2x Instant Fusion
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade
1x Foolish Burial
1x Brain Control
1x Mind Control
1x One for One
1x Emergency Teleport
1x Reinforcement of the Army

hey!? Where are the non-tuner lvl 2 or lower monsters(aside of Frog)for Junk Syncron? Did you left them out? Sorry. But there are NON!! Why? Cause I don't wanna ruin my focus.

Why Frog in there? Just so that I can go for Formula Syncron and then into Shooting Star if I want to.

Junk Syncron is good in here cause I can always pull another Tuner out for the Double Tuning. The floaters fill the grave FAST so that Dark Creator can bring back Red Daemon or even Scar-Red Nova fast.

TRIVIA : When I build this deck, I didn't know Mind Master COULDN'T release a non-psychic. But since he is still a lvl 1 tuner AND can be special summon via Teleport. I left him in there.

If you think Scar-Red Nova is scary!! Then what about Scar-Red Nova with Arms Aid? O.o


Anonymous said...

ill juz grand mole or evacuate dis nova ting..ha3

Duelist#LGQ said...

u can't scar red nova can outgame himself and negate your attack, then, he comes back!

Anonymous said...

ha3..juz 4get bout dat ability..ok i correct my st8ment..juz brionac or evacuate it :P

Duelist#LGQ said...

yup. that and caius are about the only real threat to this baby!!