Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nothing much but I've nothing better to do ... And CAT!!

So, I skipped my trip to my grandma's house since Lam's in Africa and went down to Toysbar to get some cards. Something tells me that Ah Yong has been there as the Starstrike Blast packs have already been "raped". Oh well ...

Dueled with some friends there.

Didn't duel my primary Toysbar friend Keok since I saw this BF deck and my attention quickly rushes towards him. Cause Dueling BF is FUN!!

Apparently this guy is a beginner I think cause he made SUPER obvious move like summoning Breeze and set a card or switching Shura to attack when I have Stardust.

I was like ... "Icarus .. ?" he goes "!!? How you know you got Sharingan ah!?" or like "Kalut ...", "OMG!! HOW YOU KNOW!!".

My other friends was in the same reaction as he was.

Another guy came and he was like saying "BF is too STRONG to be if he has Bronaic!!" I was like "WTF!?" which BF deck doesn't have Bronaic ... Anyway this guy is a much better duelist than his friend. But just couldn't accept the fact that my Rainbow Neos deck is stable.

I was like 1st turn Rainbow Neos for 3 duels. His friend was like "OMG!! So Stable!!" he was like "Its luck!!" and I was like "yeah ... sure ... what ever"

The guy sold me Super Allius for rm15!! and 2 more rare ones for 3 each!!

Another guy was so desperate for E HERO Tempest, he had to trade his Ultimate rare Scarp Twin for it!! YES!! 3D GET!!

No tourneys this week and apparently my ranking drop out of top 20, or has it ...? we'll never know as it only shows up to 17th and I was 19th last time!!


I know I've been here, but I'll like to know from you guys just where do you think Rescue Cat would be next format.

I mean, we all know its a good card ... I mean Awesome ... I mean Too-Good-To-Be-True-and-Legal card, but would it get banned next format.

We still haven't get the XX-sabers from TCG yet thus we may never know how OMGWTFBBQ it is in the TCG region but is it just another mediocre card in the OCG.

NO!! Even without the XX-saber spammings and stuff, this thing still win games for you. Its been Konami's favorite son since Syncro Awakening !! And it has gone from useless//slighty usable beast card to WTFAREYOUINSANE!!

Seriously, does this thing needs to go? Or is Konami just too kind a company to hit this kitty with a hammer (it does have a helmet for that, so just do it!!).

While being a Cat player myself, I can't say that this thing isn't banned worthy, but would it be banned, that is the question!!

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