Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scrap!! Oh Yeah!!

Aside from the ridiculously stupid priced Scrap Chimera, this deck is actually pretty affordable!!

Can you do just as well without the Chimera!!?


you just can't, so if you don't have 3 Chimeras ... either waste your money on 3 or just give up on playing Scrap as it won't be as remotely close as good ...

The 2 new Scrap monsters Soldier and Falcon are stupid if you ask me ...

I mean, while Soldier is a lv5 and you can easily bring it back with the other Scraps, its a dead draw, and I rather bring back Golem for a Scrap Dragon or Twin Dragon with Goblin or Beast.

Falcon ... is well ... a Treeborn Scrap ? It comes back so you can use it as a shield I guess ... but why? I mean its not bad ... just not that good. I rather bring back Goblin in Def when my Syncros got raped and look at my opponent's face. Well, thats just me I guess ...

The spell card, Oil Zone is good. Not broken and not entirely awesome but good. If this came out 8 sets or 2 years or before CRMS, it would be totally awesome. But now ... a Scrap bad imitation of Infernity Gun ? Not really but thats what my first impression was.

Scrap Crash is a very very dangerous card to play ... I mean it could be very very good in some times but we know how Malevolent Catastrophe is right now ...

Why am I suddenly discussing on Scrap today ? Well, its just cause I pulled a Scarp Dragon yesterday and have both Scrap Dragons. So, I felt like it.

Proxied Chimera and tested the deck out, my thought was : "no wonder people are willing pay RM100 for this shit..."

Its awesome. But I really won't spend such an amount for a fun deck ... yes, as powerful as it is. I don't think Scrap has reach Top Tier material. While being VERY VERY powerful in the casual play term, it still has a couple more sets to go before it can take on a HUGE tourney.

But Shriek just proved me wrong I know!!


Looking forward to playing GBs again, looking for cheap singles so PM me if you wanna sell me some cheap GB cards!!


Anonymous said...

Lol I would sell you GB cards but I live in the U.S.A. xd


Anonymous said...

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