Saturday, April 14, 2012

Asian Championship 2012

If I'm not mistaken, its tomorrow. Its none of my business since I didn't win my country's ACQ and did not became a rep. But good luck to all players participating tomorrow.


Inzektors are gonna win. I'm pretty confident with this. Although I secretly wish Hieratics to win, but the odds are extremely low.

Reasons why Inzektors are gonna win:

1. Being THE top deck of the META
2. Inexpensive = big number
3. Just about every rep (except for a few) are playing this.

Although decks like DW and Laggia may have a fighting chance, but the odds aren't in their favor ... at all!

I wish all players good luck, and good luck to the judges as well. Stay hydrated and don't stay up late tonight. Hope someone proves me wrong thou, as I certainly would like to see some rogue deck take the top spot.


Andrew said...

Nah .Inzektors has a higher chance cause it is the best deck at the moment .It is equally as good as BlackFeathers at its peak.Therefore, if you realise most ex BF players are playing Inzektors at the moment.

Sam will win .Whatever he runs ,he will win .LOL

Anonymous said...

Sam and jeff one group trololol