Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hanzo Hieratic

I've not been able to travel to locals this weekend because I need to help my parents at work, so no tourney reports and updates. But, I've most certainly confirmed that I wanna turn my pure Hieratic deck into a Hanzo Hieratic build.

Reasons being Hieratics are extremely easy to side against.

I'm now maining 3 copies of MST and a Heavy Storm. Siding 2 Rykos and 2 Dust Tornado, but I still feel I need more outs to Mask of Restrict and Light Absorbing Mirror, which outright kills this deck.

Hanzo is useful as it can get my big monsters out without Tributes, and also get rid of Inzektors before they do anything. Of cause, my opponent would either have an MST in hand or being a complete idiot if he tries to do something when I would obviously have Ninjitsu Art of Chou-Henshin set. But, the card definitely works far better than Fiendish Chain.

I completely acknowledge that the reasons I top2 in ACQ 2012 are bad side deck on my opponent's side and lack of knowledge on what Hieratics can do in Asian format. I did not see a proper side deck against me until top4. But, since I top once, and proved the deck's worth, its not gonna be the same the next time, specifically WCQ.

OOparts seem to be very fast at making xyzs, and I really need more chainable cards than ever. Not to mention Geargias are gonna be good, no matter how stupid they look.

The only thing stopping me from getting a playset of Hanzos now would be the price tag. And my allowance are pretty tight in the following months.


K'yde said...

If you find any Hanzo at RM40 better rip them before it jumps to RM70 per piece man.

GQ said...

If I could find any at 40, no 50. I'll take a set, no questions there.

You know anyone whose selling them for 40?

Anonymous said...

some japan stores sell them for rm 40 here ^^

K'yde said...

I'll help you keep an eye on it. I'm planning to get a play set as well. Just in case. I don't wanna feel salty buying it after the release of the new SD in June.

Gredinus said...

You should side Royal Decree like DW & inzektors do (I know it conflicts with super transformation).