Thursday, April 5, 2012

REDU monster XYZs

After looking at the REDU cards coming up in 2 weeks time, I've seen some gems from this set. Like GAOV, this set has a lot of monster xyzs. Aside from the obvious Excalibur, there are some extremely good monsters that would prove every powerful in older decks.

Geargiganto X

The first would be Geargiganto X.

2 level 4 Machine monsters 2300/1500

Once per turn, you can detach 1 xyz material from this card; add 1 level 4 or lower Machine monster from your deck or graveyard to your hand. When this card leaves the field; you can special summon 1 level 3 or lower "Geargia" monster from your graveyard.

This card is good, very very good. Machina Gadget, Karakuri and Offering Gadget all get boosted because of this card. The second effect isn't gonna help you unless you tech in Geargia or your playing Geargia, but the first effect is enough to make it good.

A free searcher with 2300 attack and can come out effortlessly in Offering Gadget(although I see no good targets in pure Offering Gadgets). Its not that free in Karakuri and Machina Gadget, but if you get it out, its gonna net you advantage. Think of it as an oversized Gadget.

Giant God of Silver Summit

2 Level 3 EARTH monster 1800/2200

Once per turn, you can detach 1 xyz material from this card to taregt 1 set card in your opponent's spell and trap zone; that target cannot be activated while this card is one the field. While this card is destroyed by battle while it has xyz materials: you can target 1 EARTH monster in your graveyard; special summon that target in face up defense position.

The first effect isn't that useful, unless you wanna go for game and you are certain the set card is something like Mirror Force. But the second one is good. Yes, it has restrictions. But if the restriction isn't there, I'm gonna make 2 of these and Scrap Dragon just pop things for free. The reason he needs xyz material attached to activate his revival effect would be to prevent someone building a deck around summoning 2 of these and sit behind them.

Evidence of Konami knowing what they are doing, on contrary of what most people think.

This card is gonna be SOOOO good in X-sabers. This is a fine reason for you to use your Emmersblade and Darksoul for overlay. You can always put this guy on the board, target an obvious Torrential (when your opponent has a full field of monsters), and Emergency Call for a Gottom's play. In case your wondering, this card doesn't have a level/rank limit to his special summoning ability; you can very well special summon your Gottoms if you opponent destroy this in battle.

XYZ Reborn says "hi!".

Fairy King Alverd

2 Level 4 EARTH monsters 2300/1400

Once per turn, you can detach 1 xyz material from this card; all face up non-EARTH monsters currently on the field loses 500 ATK and DEF.

Simple effect, nothing complicated, but effectively make this card a 2800 beatstick if your opponent doesn't run EARTH. Best use in decks that run high EARTH monster count, ie Offering Gadget. Also can be run in Rabbit Laggia if your opponent has something like Gaia Dragoon out which normal rank 4s can't touch.

Thats it for my "review", I felt that konami is trying to indirectly boost older themes while selling newer themes, which is always good.


K'yde said...

Fairy King Alverd indirectly allows Six Sams to OTK as well. Kizan, Grandmaster and Alverd. Not including Naturia Beast and Barkion. Nice post!

Eustace said...

Dafuq? And how you gonna make this Alverd? 2 Kizans? Which are like 4200? Which also = OTK?

K'yde said...

And if Kizan and Shien can't run over a bigger monster? Its an opinion not a statement.

Eustace said...

Ok the Shi'en would lose 500 ATK too, jus saying. Sorry, but I really don't see the use of this in Sams. Though Excalibur is like WTF good.

K'yde said...

Its cool. A situational card, that i agree. And yes, Excalibur is outright gay.