Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duelist Edition

The "new" reprint set coming out in about a week's time features Advance Dark and *drum roll* Miracle Contact as their feature cards. Being an E HERO fanboy, Miracle Contact's release after 4 years after GX's ending is a dream come true. I was on the impression that Konami would never make this card.

Another thing that most (if not all) Asia region players seems to forgot, is that Duelist Edition volume 1 has D-HERO Bloo-D (Plasma) as one of its secret rare. Granted, I don't want to pull that thing out of my box, since that would mean no Miracle Contact. But this means Bloo-D is now OFFICIALLY Asia format legal. It may be true that the age of Bloo-D has long pass and the D-HERO engine is nothing more than a relic of the pass as comparison to POD and Card-Car D. But, the ace of the D-HEROs finally legal for tournament play over here would be nice to see, although this came 5 years too late.

I know a lot of you guys are excited by Miracle Contact's announce, thinking Rainbow Neos would be beastly. And the newer scans showed that it can only bring out Elemental HEROs, which is quite the put down. Nevertheless, a great addition to the HERO archtype and a card that would add to the Neos collection very well. Although the Neos archtype can never be completed without the other 4 NEX Neospacian and the remaining 5 NEX Neos Fusions.

*Konami! Theres still a guy waiting for those cards here, please make them ...*

Now, how will this set affect the META, not even slightly would be the perfect answer. Because its nothing but a reprint set and the new cards only supports very very outdated archtypes. It can be said, the new cards are for collection purpose only.

If your wondering why didn't I post this a few weeks ago when the news first came out? Thats because I was busy with books and stuff.

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