Monday, April 2, 2012

Assignment Deal this Friday

Expect me to go back to my normal blogging rate by Saturday, thank god everything went out well.

Went to TB last weekend and skipped a replacement class. Got a pack of PP14 (finally) and traded some of the cards from the pack for the 2 M HEROs, since noting else matters anyway. Sold off a lot of stuff and made cash, got some Ultra Pros on the way back.

Also, played Pokemon TCG for the first time since 2005 with Joshua aka Cookie. I must say the game is much more interesting now than it was back in the days, or maybe because I wan't good back then and none of my friends were good players, making the game seem dull. The few matches on Saturday was amazing, I played Edmund's deck with features Zekrom and Mewtwo Ex while Joshua had a Durant deck which basically mills your opponent for game. A game easily took 20 to 30 minutes, which is good.

Since I've quit playing Vanguard, Pokemon seems like a nice game to start. I already know the rules and its WAY more exciting and skill rewarding than Vanguard (to me anyways). Would be a nice 2nd card game since they constantly reprint stuff and I still have staples like Switch (awesome card) with me from back in the days. Anyone who plays the Pokemon TCG can comment on what decks are cheap and skill rewarding in the comments and I'll look into it, since I have no clue what to play and Edmund told me his Zekrom deck is worth a fortune.

Call me a draw whore but Prof Oak's "shuffle your hand into your deck and draw 6", and Juniper's  "discard your hand, draw 7" is too fun to not run for me.


Back to YGO.

Build 4 decks last Saturday night, none of them competitive but I say good for fun games and if a friend wanna try the game out, its always good to have a few extra casual decks with you.

So I build:

Junk Dopple featuring Tuning Ware and Basses

Lightlord + Agent Boss rush deck, featuring 10 boss level monsters in the form of 3 JD, 3 Hyperion, 2 Lightray Diaboros, DAD and BLS

Chain Burn (standard chain burn ...)

Chain Material beatdown (I have Volcanic Rockets, Cyber Dragon and Miracle Fusion for beatdown in case I don't have an OTK)

What do I think of these decks:

(1) Junk Dopple ~ Fun and interesting, but very very skill demanding since I don't think a random noob is able to pilot this deck without misplays.

(2) Lightlord Agent ~ Again, its very fun considering we now have Lumina at 2, Rank 3's can be made very easily. There are tons of shitty and random hands you can get since this deck runs so many bosses and no Traps. If things goes right, and you fill your grave early in the game, you have 10 boss monsters where you can drop without issues. Since the only Darks you run are Necro Guardnas, Armageddon Knight and Plague, DAD is very much alive.

(3) Chain Burn ~ its chain burn, it'll always be fun.

(4) Chain Material Beat ~ Perhaps the most competitive deck of the four, this deck has some very heavy beaters and you can easily side Material and Gate out for Skill Drain and Barboros. You can almost always hit more than 9000 damage when you have Gate and Material out. Of cause, the deck features Blaze Fenix. But also has an Elemental HERO engine that focuses on getting Nova Master out to help you draw into your combo. King of the Swamps are in here to get Poly, fuse for ZERO and also exceed into Aerosharks, which can deal at least 1500 damage per turn after you did a Gate play.


Anonymous said...

Can you post any decklist of that lightlord+agent deck?

GQ said...

will do so once I finalize the list, all of 4 of those decks are put together within 1 hour or so

Rauzes said...

Vanguard as of box 5 meta is mildly skill rewarding.

As of box 6, it will be entirely luck

blackwingEX said...

pokemon affordable enough to be a 2nd TCG?
not too many fan-service cards that's for sure lolz...

skill-demanding in YGO = playing a former tier 1 deck stripped down by banlist >_>

GQ said...

yeah, the price tag is a problem, I'm still looking for a way around it.

"skill-demanding in YGO = playing a former tier 1 deck HEAVILY stripped down by banlist " XD

MaZura De Ville said...

i'd like to know ur chain material decklist. i always confuse how to use chain material. In the turn we activate it, we cannot attack right? and the fusion monster summoned by chain material eff will destroy at end phase. so how does it works? The only card i know work well with chain material is Destiny End Dragoon coz it can revived by it's own effect.

GQ said...

Blaze Fenix, my friend. Blaze Fenix

MaZura De Ville said...

ooh..Blaze Fenix :D

mike said...

* due.

-1 mark for spelling