Monday, April 23, 2012

Shout out!

Digital Mortal :

This is a fellow Malaysian blogger's blog, home to very very good quality post and also frequent updates. The dude started his blog about a month ago, and damn, theres so much to read I don't know where to start. Sadly, he only has 3 followers (as of 23rd of April) and only bout 2000 views. He didn't ask me for any shout outs, but I feel alot of readers are missing out on an amazing blog.

Since me, Mike and Scyu'Lee's blog aren't posting that frequently as of late, players from other countries might felt cut off from Malaysia. Kyde's blog helps solves this, and he also has interviews with successful players like Satoshi Kato, Wilson Tsang etc.

If you are one look like wall of text and enjoy reading them, head there, the guy puts up articles as though he is a reporter or something.


Kyde : Good job on the blog! Sorry for not getting your permission before doing this shout out post, but I feel most of the world is missing out your articles.


Boni said...

I always read yours and his blog you guys gave so much information for a lot of players out there keep it up hope I can write like you guys

K'yde said...

Hey man, thanks for doing so! Really appreciate it. No problem and i hope my contents will stay informative enough. Your blog and Mike's has been part of a reason why i started one. Dueling Days as well. Thanks again!

LFN said...