Sunday, June 3, 2012

CA Seed Qualifier Report "Are You Thirsty, Bro?"

Helped my mom at her office since 8am in the morning, manage to finish work by noon and rush to CA, luckily it was only a 10 minutes drive from my mom's office. Tourney starts late, because of some unforeseen issues, head count was low, 12. Partially because Card Arena (CA) is basically a Vanguard hangout, not YGO. And many don't even know where this is. I found this place only because Mike knew the way; Rauzes brought him there once.

Because I've already qualify for top32, my only objective was to help either Kyde or Mike out. But one of my closest YGO friend, Fishtank showed up, and now I have no idea who to support. I came into conclusion, help no one, let them settle things off themselves. I use this tournament to test out Chaos Dragons in OCG. While the turn out was small, more than half of the players are constant locals topper, so this would be a great chance to put this deck to work.

Also, I build a side deck 5 minutes before the matches starts, but basically I just import my Hieratics side deck with a little changes. Just before the tourney, it was announce that the format would be single elimination, well, I don't particularly mind since winning this means nothing more than proving my deck, unlike the others who are trying to qualify.

Deck used : Chaos Dragons

Match 1 : VS Dark Worlds

Duel 1 : I open Future Fusion but my hand doesn't really have any plays, so I just summon Lyla and milled, just to get my engine going. He pop my Future Fusion with Grapha and Gates, and attacked over Lyla, setting 1. I summon Pulsar and Lyla, trying to pop his gate, he flipped Skill Drain. I played Dark Hole just to get some damage in with Red-Eyes. He is now at 4200. He then got a whole field of 2 Graphas, a Snow, Gates and Skill Drain out, drop me to the 2000s. I was only holding Lyla and Judgment, Skill Drain was in the way and JD could only crash with a Grapha who would come back the next turn. I drew for my turn, HEAVY STORM!!! Judgment clear the field after storm got Skill Drain (and Gates) and both my monsters did 4700 to my opponent. Luck was with me at this point since I don't main deck MSTs.

Duel 2 : He starts with Gates, set 4 and a monster facedown, obvious Morphing Jar. My whole hand was monsters, I topped deck a Storm, but he had Judgment for it. His advantage from Jar was too big and killed me next turn with Grapha, Goldd and (a reborned) Dark Flare. He showed me he had Card Destruction and another Grapha together with Snow in hand, so it doesn't really matter.

Duel 3 : I start by summoning Lyla and setting MST. He played Dealings, ditching Broww while I ditch Wyvern. He played Gates but I had MST. He sets 1 and passes. I played Lyla's effect, hitting BTH. I proceed to do my stunts and summon a bunch of big monsters in one turn.



Match 2 : VS Inzektor - LCW

Duel 1 : I open with Future Fusion but just seem to get the engine started. He controlled the whole board while I watched. I dropped a Trago on him to try do some damage and start my combo, but he had mind control.

Duel 2 : Recharge 3 times in my first turn and filled my grave good. That also nett me 2 Veilers in hand. Beatsticks and Veilers win you games.

Duel 3 : Both players didn't draw good this game. But my opponent misplayed by playing Torrential Tribute when I summon Light Pulsar, killing my Pulsar, Trago and his Centipede. I got REDMD back and brought back Pulsar. I banish Trago and Wyvern for BLS.


2 - 0

Match 3 : VS Inzektor - Fishtank

Duel 1 : I open with Future Fusion and Veilers. Setting Ryko. He can't get pass this and loss.

Duel 2 : My opponent played Allure and banish Hornet, that means either he has a hand where he can get multiple Hornets, or his Screwed. He summons Card Trooper to mill, suggesting the latter, since I know Fishtank isn't one who mills for no reason playing Inzektor (unlike myself who would mill with Card Trooper just for fun). I couldn't start my combo because I don't have a Dark in Grave, I topped a DD Crow, used it to banish Sangan from his grave and start the combo. Didn't kill him there but he didn't see Hornet for the whole game.



At this point, the finals would be me and Zack, both of us are already in the top32 for WCQ, but the winner gets a playmat, so we still decides to play for it. Effectively, the 3rd/4th placing is much much more important because 3rd place gets into top 32. I don't know who to support, since it was Fishtank vs Kyde. We didn't start our finals right away since I want to watch their match and Zack was tired. Grats to Kyde for winning; the thing that determine the match was effort I believe, don't get me wrong, Fishtank is a good duelist, but he has to balance his focus on both YGO and Vanguard; while Kyde only plays YGO (with Jspeed bro!).

Finals : VS Hieratics - Zack

This is weird, because normally I would be the one piloting Hieratics. I know I'm in the disadvantage; while Chaos Dragons has better top decks and broken plays, Hieratics are very very much better consistency wise. I know this, I own both these decks and you don't know how many times I've tested these decks against each other.

Duel 1 : I open with an ok hand, but needs minimal set up, I hold 2 Tragos, Pulsar, BLS, REDMD and Wyvern. I set Wyvern and passed. He did Tfenut, Su, REDMD on me, I wasn't really bothered, but he had a tech in the for Enemy Controller to grab my Trago so his Gaia could deal the last 2600 damage on me.

Duel 2 : I open Lyla and milled Reborn, Dark Hole, BLS. Not the best of mills, he summons Drago. I have Jains in hand because I know how much of a bitch Dragos are, but he played control the whole game and never has less than 3 Backrows, can't touch his Drago at all, I finally summoned Jain (I was saving it because it was my only out to Drago, and waiting for Storm, but I need to kill Drago now) he had Enemy Controlled, I milled both my Electric Virus during the end phase, he lol'ed. Effectively kicking me out of the game because those were my only outs left to Drago.


Placing : 2nd place

Conclusion : I'm not playing Chaos Dragons in WCQ, while it is good, it still has the most random hands and mills, and we don't have Tourguide. It can do good against Inzektors, but falls prey to Hieratics; my initial reason for playing the deck was because there won't be much Hieratics around, but now, that is no longer true as the number of Hieratics has officially become META level in Malaysia.

Play tested with Mike and Kyde (and Zack for a lesser degree) till 10:30 pm at night, reach home at 11. Took a shower and went to bed immediately.

What Happened yesterday :

1. Mike Scrubbed!!
2. Mike finalized a very very consistent Inzektor build (don't expect me to review it) after a lengthy session of test play and card to card evaluation.
3. My initial plan to play Chaos Dragons in WCQ is completely crushed, sticking with Hieratics from now on.
4. Vietnamese Curry (which I had for dinner at Asia Cafe) was good, if your in that area, check it out! But this is for those who like spicy stuff, as even I found them spicy.
5. New term unlocked "Are You Thirsty, Bro?" - I don't know what this means as I wasn't paying attention when they first used this term, bu it has something to do with Malaysian-God Sam.


Unknown said...

How you can get qualify 32 Top in Malaysia ?
- win some official Tournament or Ranking Tournament

thank you for you answer

GQ said...

16 players from the few rounds of single elimination on tournament day.

10 players from ranking (all 10 confirmed)

6 players from special seed tournaments (all 6 confirmed)