Friday, June 22, 2012

Chaos Dragons Tops Malaysian WCQ//Nationals

Trying to introduce this deck sounds stupid, since its stampeding throughout the whole TCG since its debut months ago. Yes, this deck needs no introduction, a bunch of big bosses, a few monsters that easily make big bosses and also some guys to help you get those bosses out. The deck has incredible top deck abilities rendering any attempt to start a top deck war sounds foolish. No, I'm not here today to discuss what the deck does, everyone knows that and no one wants to here more, I'm here to discuss how this deck can win in the Asian Format without the Tourguides and stuff.

Weeks ago, the mere attempt to play this deck in WCQ Malaysia was like playing Final Coutdown or Chain  Burn to many. People think of it as a suicide bomber. Most people here don't read blogs or follow the TCG, and those who do mostly felt the deck is not gonna do good based on the META. TCG's top deck is Rabbit while our's is Inzektor, thats one of the most common reasoning I've received. I don't understand why Chaos Dragons have a bad match up against Inzektors, I really find the truth to be the opposite.

Some people say the deck is easily sided against, 3 Macro Cosmos and the deck is dead. I say same applies to Inzektors and Hieratics, 3 Macro or 3 Mask would kill the deck, if the card could stay on the board long enough. I don't understand why no one bought my point that this deck runs a lot more spell trap removal compare to the other decks, this deck has 7 cards in the main deck that could pop back row, and that's before MST gets boarded in. Also, people are thinking that this deck is a one-trick-pony, the only major combo is the Pulsar Red-Eyes loop. While that may be true, a deck doesn't really require that much of combo to begin with, if you have a very good one, just play that repetitively. This deck is not as linear as most people thinks.

Now, how did SungLee build the deck without access to Tourguide. I own a Tourguideless Chaos Dragons, I know the deck can still work without the loli from hell, but it is very apparent that the deck would never be at full power without it, for one, we lack of good generic Dark monsters in our deck, without Tourguide there isn't much of a reason to play even Sangan; not to mention the access to the versatile rank 3 xyzs. SungLee plays Zephyrus the Elite. Summoning Lyla, poping a facedown, return that to hand, ditch it together with a dark for LightPulsar is a very good move I've heard. It doesn't stops there, you could summon DarkFlare, plays it effect to send Wyvern to the grave, bounce DarkFlare back to hand and summoning it again, banishing Wyvern, claiming your Red-Eyes in the process. Theres just tons of plays this BF adds to the already combo heavy Chaos Dragons.

Another card that I found surprising in his main deck was Instant Fusion. In his extra, it features both a level 3 and 5 Dark Fusion monster. Chaos Dragons never really needed their extra that much to begin with, since you normally never even get anything out. With Instant Fusion, SungLee can now make Leviair and Zenmains easier, not to mention Tiras and Volcasaurus. Of cause, it doesn't stops there. Armory Arm and Brionac becomes within hands reach. Armory Arm and BLS is an OTK, and it helps Chaos Dragons gets pass the 3000 attack line which Grapha boasted. Brionac may be a good field clearer, but ditching too much hands is bad, even for Chaos Dragons, but thats not what Dato Tan wants Brionac for. He wants it because its a level 6, and 2 level 6 makes Exa-Beetle (the 1 rank 6 that spells OTK all over it). Exa-Beetle and Pulsar is an OTK, just making it when your opponent doesn't have outs to it already spells trouble, against inexperience opponents, he might even try to Veiler your Beetle to detached the Pulsar equipped to it, you've already won. While Zephyrus is a card that I've considered playing for a long time, Instant Fusion was one I would have never dreamed of, and when I saw it, all the combos just comes rushing in. It was an amazing tech, and maybe this was the temporary replacement for Tourguide we really really needed.

SungLee plays 28 monsters only, which is surprisingly low considering he mills all monsters most of the time; well, the man is good with decks that mill to begin with, he has always been playing decks that mill and ditch out big plays since who knows when. A tech choice where I still do not comprehend would be a single copy of Chain Disappearance in the main deck. Chain Disappearance is good against Inzektors, yes; but it only hits Damsel (since people hardly ever summons Hornet, and if they do, their hand is usually bullshit). For the Hieratic match up, it can hit Aset and Cardcar; for Rabbit, the rabbit; and for Machina Gadgets, well, nothing. Disappearance is a card that defines effectiveness vs efficiency; it hurts a lot when it goes off, but its target is too limited. Like many would say, why not Treacherous Traphole instead, since you don't play any other trap, and Inzektors will have 2 cards one the board, same goes to Rabbit and Hieratic, sometimes Machina. Well, SungLee is known for making weird deck choices, and some how works, thats not news. But I suspect the reason why he played it was because he totally forgot about Treacherous Traphole (LOL), since he can be really random as well.

Thats about it, kudos to SungLee for scoring another flight to World Championship (he was the 2010 Malaysian rep). And a really really solid way to proof that Chaos Dragons means business in the OCG.


mike said...

Instant fusion damn good but from testing Zephrus was very mediocre.

petqwe said...

Question: According to Mike's post, his 3 Fusion Monsters are Five Foolish Burial, Reaper on the Nightmare and Darkfire Dragon. How can he make Arms Aid then?

GQ said...

Oh, thats a bit different from the list I was looking at, I'll confirm it back. The list I saw was 1 of each level 3,4,5s.

GQ said...

@mike : really? I find Zephyrus a very fine (not very good, but fine) tech card

mike said...

I found it retarded during testing but I found instant fusion very good.