Monday, June 18, 2012

WCQ report

A day before the event I play tested with multiple Hieratic builds and just found nothing really suits me. Came back to my original build with CyDra instead of PWWB as tech, but the deck just doesn't move smoothly.

Before my game, judge announce that Aset Dragon could not be set, I didn't know this as I assume it being the same thing as Sirocco and such. After brief discussion, it was concluded that the move was not possible.

Top32: VS Inzektor

Duel 1: He set a monster and a S/T. I set Safe Zone and farm with CCD. He flip Damsel, equip Gruf, I play Veiler on it, he then swings for 1000. I play MST and drop an OTK on him.

Duel 2: I was leading him by a lot, having Macro face up, Safe Zone face down. He has Gruf equipped with Hornet, 3 S/T. I special summon CyDra, holding Aset, I wanted to go into Tyrus, but I don't want to risk Warning. I attack with CyDra, he chain 2 Lances to make me drop 1600 attack point, however, this was not possible because the 2nd lance would negate the first 1, making me only dropping 800 and would kill his Inzektor, sadly I wasn't quick to realize that, and went downfall from there.

Duel 3: I didn't open good and the duel drag on to the point that I'm at 1800 and him at 1000. I Torrential his Zenmain and Damsel, he attacks me with Zenmaines, in the end turn, he forgot to pop my set card, maybe luck is on my side? I play my facedown Duality and get Convocation, grab Aset and set both that and Storm. Ending. My opponent was about to draw for his turn, but realize that my move was illegal, he ask me to replay that, my point was I didn't realize that and he already acknowledge it. Jason and Alex both backed me up and Cookie(the judge) came in and stated to him that he has correct my mistake when I commit it, giving me a foul 1 in process, duel goes on. His Zenmaines can easily walk over Aset, but his chose to put it in defense and set 2. I flip Storm and set Torrential. He summons Damsel and I clear the board, now I have nothing and he has a Veiler(POD) only. I drew for turn REDMD, my balls shrunk and I cursed my luck, passing hopping he drew nothing. He set his monster and a S/T. I drew Aset next, knowing I won't have another chance of wining, I make REDMD and summon Gaia, attacked ... and game.

After the match, I wanted to apologize to my opponent for making an illegal move but he was obviously not in the mood to be entertained, so I kept it to myself. This was easily my most shameful win in my 10 years of playing, I do realize this. I only won this game because I was friends with a lot of big names there and no one knew who my opponent was. Conspiracy much.

Top16: VS Machina Gadget - Alex Yeo

I'm still in a losing streak against Alex, I played him at least in 6~7 events and always drop when I met him. Oddly enough, maybe my guilt from the previous match was haunting me or something, I just can't imagine myself beating him this time, since he helped me out a lot the last game. Regardless, the game has to go on.

Duel 1: I open good, holding both REDMD and BLS early on. When I got the chance to attack, I summon Aset and Su, Su got Warning'ed, I got Emerald Dragon out, I banish the dragon for REDMD, Alex played Raigeki Break, I flipped Safe Zone, summoning Su from the grave, and attacked for 2200. His turn came, played Storm on me, I chained Book to save my REDMD, he summon a Gadget, Reborn another, make Giganto X, searches for Gearframe, ditching both Gadget for Fortress. Giganto X walk over Su and Fortress attacked a facedown REDMD. I main deck CyDra, so I was hoping I could draw into it, but no, sadly, I pass, wanting to save my BLS for an opening, but died next turn to his rush.

Duel 2: I open the randomest hand ever, Heavy, MST, MST, Dust Tornado, Emerald, Virus. Maybe its because I knew I would lose with a hand like this, I don't feel nervous any longer, and made better plays. He summons Gearframe, gets Fortress, attacks and POD for Raigeki Break, sets 3. I play MST from hand, wanting to chain everything off, but he chain his targeted Compulse on his Gearframe. I summon CCD and drew. He summons his Gearframe again, gets Cannon and attacks. I MST and Dust his back row, he chains Raigeki Break, ditching his Fortress to kill his Gearframe, obviously not wanting me to drop Tfenut, and also telegraphing to me he has no Veiler. I play Reborn on his Fortress and attacked. He summons a Gadget and drop Fortress, both Fortress kills each other, he gadget attacks me and he pass after setting 1. I play storm, drop Tfenut and then tribute for Aset, made Atum, summon REDMD, Aset, special Su, make Focus Force and Gaia, drop Virus for game.

I was surprise how I made a comeback with that opening hand, I honestly thought that I'm gonna 2-0 drop when I pulled that opening hand. I guess over predicting on his part plays a part.

Duel 3: I open Virus, Cydra, MST, Dust, CCD, Torrential, a very good hand in comparison to the last game. But that lead to my downfall as I began to think how am I gonna win instead of playing conservative, the feeling of finally beating Alex after all these years was pulling me away from making good judgment. I started by blind MST his backrow, hit a mindcrush, he lets it go. Summons CCD, set Dust and Torrential, he flipped Mask of Restrict. He summons Gearframe, I played Torrential because I didn't want to see a Giganto X, but in fact, I should have left it because I have Torrential to keep me in game and also CyDra to win if he really did over extended but not kill me, he drops Fortress next and swing for 2500. I Dust his facedown and make Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, swing for 2000 and passed. He Dark Holed me and summon Gadget. I topped a REDMD (before the 3rd game, I was debating whether to keep 3 REDMD or 2 REDMD and a BLS, I went with the former; but I really wished I gone with the latter at this point), not having Catastor in extra, I can't go Virus and Veiler, I passed, he rushed and win next turn.

After the match, we had a bried discussion on how the game should have went, he told me that he was originally gonna play conservatively, but felt he needs to end the game before I pull anything.

Normally I would feel real bad if I scrubbed in top16, but I feel nothing today, I felt a lot worst losing to Sam at ACQ. Maybe because of the guilt from top32. Sung Lee won with Chaos Dragons, which made me and Andrew go LOL, since we debated on whether to play Chaos Dragons earlier yesterday and the day before, but we both know we can't mill as well.

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Ventus said...


I in the TCG world here also had the discussion with a Judge, that Eset can't be set without tributing. I don't know what the normal consens here is but he said I could so it without tribute, though I felt it was wrong ...


Zenmaines needs to pop a card, it is mandatory ... so he can't forget it xD

But every players does these stuff on purpose sometimes just to win ... In my honest opinion if the player doesn't know the rules correctly or doesnt pay as much attention as you stuff like this is well deserved ...