Monday, June 18, 2012

Re:Chaos Dragons - the dark horse of WCQ

Called It!! Remember weeks ago I posted a blog post stating this deck would make an impact on WCQ, I was expecting it to top, winning the event was beyond of my expectations. I revericed so many comments stating that TCG and OCG are different, and all I was saying are mere predictions based on a format that does not exist. And Dato Tan became my reference.

Remember when I said I would do well if my meta analysis was right, it was right. Problem was my opponent was Alex. I knew Machina Gadget is gonna be strong this format, hence I mained CyDra, but Alex proves a force too strong for a single CyDra in main, 3 Virus in side to handle. Partially because I was trying to bait him into a bad play and win from there. After the match, it hit me "this is Alex ... what are the odds of him making a bad play ..."

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