Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To the guy I took a foul win from:

I am terribly sorry for that, it’s a very very bad experience, I know, I’ve faced this too. But I assure you, I wasn’t planning to rule shark you to begin with. Me, Mike, Andrew, Kyde and  Sharmir all thought that Aset could be set and played like this for months, till 10 minutes before the match, when head judge ruled it impossible. At that moment, I was top decking with my life at 300, Pot of Duality got me Convocation, I was more panic than calm, you should know that. I wasn’t thinking straight and played based on instinct rather than thinking. Naturally I set Aset Dragon, being the play I have always done.

                It was not until my opponent brought up the ruling announcement moments ago where I remembered it. I started defending myself because I don’t want to lose the match because of some ruling that was so drastically different from what I’m used to. I know anymore would sound like excuses, but I am truly sorry for that, and I did quote that game as the most shameful game I’ve ever played in my last post. I’ll take blame for everything regarding that move; BUT if my opponent is accusing me cheater for something else, such as when I trick him into playing Maxx C at the wrong timing, I would not take blame for that. Because tricking your opponent into the wrong move via dialogue is the unspoken rule of trading card game.(ie, declare to him I’m playing Tfenut’s effect to special a Dragon in a provocative manner to make him not drop the Maxx C just yet, and capitalize on his lack of ruling knowledge on Maxx C when he drop it after I summon)

                I’m not sure whether this is a case of rule sharking or not, but whatever it is, I take the blame. I’ve heard news from my friends; it is highly likely he is thinking I was favored because I am friends with judge Cookie. Cookie//Joshua is a good judge, while he can be an ass at times; his judgment is usually unbiased when it comes to things like this(like how he looked through half a dozen of sites just to confirm the ruling of LightPulsar VS ExaBeetle, wanting to confirm his call before actually calling it). There is a standard procedure of doing stuffs and previous examples of similar cases were ruled in the same way as this, committer gets foul 1, and game goes on. Please do not hurt our good judge’s reputation. And because of this rule, I continued with my defense because I know this was how the judges do things.

Also, thanks Alex Yeo and Jason for backing me up at that moment, I really appreciated it guys. Especially since we never really talk to each other outside of the dueling table, in Jason’s case, we even had an argument over a ruling the last time we talked.

If anyone of you are friends with my opponent that match, please help me direct him to this, as I have no idea who he is and how can I contact him. Please treat this as a sincere apology on my part.


mike said...

Name ?? O.O

scyu.lee said...

No worry, the fella is my friend n he will forgive your mistake. Anyway, Cookies has did his best judgment n this is the most "Bersih" tournament that I ever had.

GQ said...

@scyu.lee : bersih indeed.

Anonymous said...

Good job for manning up and acknowledging your mistake.

pajousek said...

I don't see where the confusion about it not being able to Set it came from. Or maybe I'm totally dumb.

But IMHO you can Set it by tributing 1 monster as a standard Advance Summon.

If you Normal Summon it with it's "effect" (by cutting it's original ATK by 900), you can't Set it as text says only "Normal Summon", not "Set".

Or am I totally missing something? ^^;


Also, thumbs up for acknowledging your mistakes; I hope more people were this honest. This game needs honest duelists. :)

GQ said...

@pajousek : true, it IS that simple, so basic to the point we think too much at times, hence the mistake

yugiohman said...

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petqwe said...

Just asking, what is the problem associated with that ExaBeetle + Lightpulsar?

GQ said...

Sung Lee activate's ExaBeetles effect, sending the equipped Light Pulsar to the grave; he special summons for Red-Eyes with Pulsar. Alex wanted the judges to rule this move, his point is Pulsar isn't a monster on the board, can Pulsar activate its effect?

theres a lot of bashing here and there, but thats basically it

petqwe said...


Q: When this card is treated as an equip card and the equipped monster is destroyed by battle, does its 3rd effect (special summoning a lv5+ Dark) activate?

From this question we can draw this conclusion:

Lightpulsar is destroyed by game mechanics. (Loss of equip target) If destroyed such way, Lightpulsar can still gain its 3rd effect. It confirms that Lightpulsar is treated as 'being sent from the field to the graveyard'.

So YES, Lightpulsar Dragon can activate its effect upon being sent from the field to graveyard by Inzector ExaBeetle's effect.