Sunday, November 8, 2009

Best MGS Animal !?

Its been about a month since the release of the MGS Animals or Fiend Roar Deity Beast, I've not played it or seen it real life but the effects I brought is not something I can afford to not pay attention to.

When we see the name MGS Animal, we think of that three-headed-puppy/mad-dog. But no! I don't think thats the best MGS Animal around. Its one of the other that people don't play that grab my attention!

Meet MGS Beast Ganashia.

Why is this card good? It has the same effect as the dog apart that it is not a Tuner, yet it has Atk boosting effect which turns him to a 1800. Only down side is that it is remove from play when it leaves the field, but who the heck would Call of the Haunted it? And removing from play may also help if you have Dimension Alchemist, the TCG top-tech-card-what-so-ever. Lets just say its very good on its own and it can make wonders with the right combos, but not OTKs like the dog does.

Another reason why this card is good is that ... ITS AN ELEPHANT FOR GOD's SAKE!! How can an elephant not be good. And his face clearly showed that the guy's a gansta!!

When they build this card, they clearly have a Malaysian or some one who knows Malay designing it, as its image is what I picture an elephant. Best of all(sorry for those who don't understand Malay), his name , Ganashia.

Ganashia = Ganas + Shia = Ganas sia!!

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