Sunday, November 22, 2009

Asian Qualifiers

arrived 0830 in the morning and start trading with people I don't know and made some new friends. Khye and his bro came and we talk about siding cards. The tour ney is 60% Lightsworn(not really a surprise) and a noticeable number of GB.

deck run : Oppression BF

at 1100 the tourney started , I got table 2. My first opponent... Lightsworn!!

1st duel :

Open with Shura , Oppression , Book of Moon x2 , Blast and Icarus. Oppression saved my assed by negating his Lumina. Soul Released his LS and attack for game with Goyo and Armor Wing.

2nd duel :

Opened with bad hands but luckily a Light Imprisoning Mirror. Turned the tides, and a perfect duel.


after that is a very long break. Found out some of the countrys best duelist lost in the first round. Really shocked. Talked with Shawn and Khye and waited till 1330.

2nd match, what do you know, my opponent is Lightsworn again...

1st duel

he starts and summons up to 2 Wolf, 1 Lumina and 1 Garoth and passed. I set Oppression and Mirror Force and have Shura attack his Lumina, he Necro Guardna it. Having a Kalut at hand, I wasn't really confident. He Stormed my back row and tribute for Celestia, easy win for LS.

2nd duel

Light Imprisoning and he can do nothing

3rd duel

Open with 2x Black Whirlwind, 2x Book of Moon , Bottomless and Solemn. Set BoM, Bottomless and Solemn. He used Lyla and hit BoM. I draw, Whirlwind. Ended. and basically that lasted till the end of the duel 12 turns later with me pulling 0 monsters.... An awesome defeat I know.


so, I only lasted 2 rounds, quite down as I lost because of luck, but then again, this format is really luck based. Left after that as my Grandma's birthday is today also. Khye won the 2nd round, against his brother. Traded and lefft at 1500.

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