Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thoughts on Koaki Meiru

Looking for

2~3 more E HERO Prisma (TCG or Korean is okay, cause the Japanese version is too expensive)
2x E HERO Necro Darkman

3x Super Rare Miracle Fusion(or 2 Super and 1 Rare)
3x Super Rare Polimelisation
2~3 x Wrath of Neos (I don't wanna get them from Mr P, its expensive)

why ? Planning to build a NEOS deck, selling for BF, Gigaplant Gemini and Fortune Lady for the money, so if your interested and is somewhere near KL , please leave a comment.

Additionally, I am also looking for

1x Koaki Meiru Rooklord
1x Koaki Meiru Urknight
2x Shiba Warrior Taro

for my Koaki Meiru deck.

now that's done, we'll go into topic.

I've seen quite a few videos on YouTube and most YGO players around the world thinks that Koaki Meiru sucks. Am I the only one that doesn't? I mean, I like Koaki Meiru since before it came out, and it's the main reason I bought the RGBT box. Koaki Meiru has since been my top 3 decks, only behind my E HERO and Oppression BF(which I don't like cause its not MY deck).

Why people says that Koaki Meiru sucks :

1. Too dependent on Iron Core of Koaki Meiru

2. Need to maintain your hand number

3. Don't have any way to OTK or at least win fast

4. Monsters die in the end phase or you need to waste your draw for it

5. Most of the monsters are Super Rare

My answer to it :

1. Then don't use it. I've been running Coreless Koaki Meiru since ANPR and it has been very stable. How do you keep your monster from dying? Duh, there is a secondary effect where you show a type of card. You need to be selective and don't just put the card in just because its a Koaki Meiru monster. For example, Drago, people treat him as the most useful Koaki Meiru. Why ? His next to useless. The main reason for me to even thinking of using him is for the TCG exclusive Koaki Meiru Maximus but playing Maximus means using Cores, Fail(unless there are something that makes the Cores really worth in future sets).

2. Yes, there is no way around this. You need to maintain a steady hand in order to keep the Koaki Meiru alive. But what decks outside of OTKs get rid of their hand entirely? BF has Whirlwind to replenish their hand. LS has Garoth and needs them for Honest and Beckoning. GB... you even need to ask? In Koaki Meiru, you most of the time would have only 1 or maybe 2 monsters out on the field, so you only need 2 cards or sometimes 1 card to keep them out. With Crusader, is this really such a big task?

3. Duh. They are an AntiMeta archtype. Why would an AntiMETA go for OTK? They can apply beatdown, Lockdown, even Burn but why the hell you wanna do OTK with them. Maybe you should try doing OTK with Stall decks, that would work!

4. Keep the number of different types down. For example, I only have 3 types in my deck and that includes Powerhand which is a Machine that only needs to reveal a normal trap to stay alive. In an AntiMeta theme, of cause there will be plenty of normal traps. Another way is to include Tuners. That way your monster won't be wasted and you can also control your number of monsters. Tuners like Plague Spreader Zombie and Krebons works the best as you don't have to take care of them or waste a turn. But of cause use a Tuner that type is the same as some of your Koaki Meiru, as stated above, Shiba Warrior Taro with an effect that cannot be destroyed by battle and return to hand is an excellent choice considering your have alot of Beast Warrior in the deck.

5. Is that a bad thing? 1 thing I really like about my Koaki Meiru deck is how shiny it is. I really hope it doesn't get reprinted but I always will in Expert Edition, 6 or 7 maybe? Looking forward to a Ultra rare Valafar or Iron Core!!

I hope this really help Koaki Meiru get the respect they trully deserve. One thing about the deck is it doesn't have any AutoPilot (where as LS is so known for it). Its not a deck that can win you alot of games and its not a deck that is alot of fun to play with(because its slow), but it is a really good challenge to try building a good build and you'll always feel accomplish when you beat something tough with it.

On a side note, anyone up for Ancient Egyption Language course cause Ra is coming out in 3 weeks time!!


Anonymous said...

im a new duelist
im interest in ur bf
how much would u sell it?
email me(

Duelist#LGQ said...

i'll confirm with u later as a lot of people are ordering it!!