Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Update#2

Met Khye and another friend at Sg Wang today, I was there for 2 hours before anyone showed up thanks to the rain and jam. Bought a 5 pack combo of ABPF for RM35 and got mostly crap and the holo was Priest of the Sun(which Lam wanted and I forgot, ending with it sold to Khye at the end of the day). I tested out my Fortune Lady (without Firery and Future Vision), its sort of a draw deck where you gain a hell of hand advantage, and score a 6-1 against a Gemini/Dual deck, awesome record I know, I never knew this deck was so good.

Khye arrived and we started looking at each other's binder, thats when he spotted Priest of the Sun. My other friend was wanting to get Quila the Moon Shadow Dragon from him, but he only has one copy, so too bad. After the trades, we dueled. I used my E HERO while he used his Lightlord, apparently, the fact that Singapore's Asian Qualifier winner was a Lightlord deck made him wanting to play LL in the qualifier. After I dueled him with E HERO for a few duel, I used my BF as I was wondering of this deck can really take on LL. Well, without a side deck, BF really had to fight hard, we duel a match it was 1-2. Ironically, my E HERO did 4-0 when dueling his LL, although he pulled crap in 2 duels. Sad that I can't run it!!


Anonymous said...

could you upload your fortune lady decklist please? :)

Duelist#LGQ said...

after I tweak it abit. its still too luck dependent, if you don't start with Lighty or with cards that can get Lighty out, you mostly will lose.