Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Update#1

Guess what. You'll never believe this but ... I haven't pull any ABPF packs yet!! I know you'll be like : "What!! Is this guy crazy?" Partially ... yes. Reason for not getting any pack now is that nothing in the set really interest me, and the one card that does , Core Chimail Urknight, is probably one cheap card to get. Going to Sungei Wang tomorrow to register for the Asian Qualifiers(maybe buying a box of ABPF on Lam's behave), hopefully meeting Khye there and get some Urknights.

1 random thing. Shining in E HERO deck ... ROCKS!! I don't know how many times it got hit by Mirror Force and Torrential, but I don't care, in fact there are times that I'm like, please be a Torrential!! Shining also solves the problem of running out of Zero's .

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