Thursday, November 5, 2009


with the Asian Qualifiers under 3 weeks time, the atmosphere is starting to get serious... not really, I doubt it would even get serious on the tourney, but oh well.

Heard that Singapore is going to allowed Gorz , Gold Sarc and TKR. I sincerely hope that this is not the issue in Malaysia. Why? I would rather not have the chance to use Gorz that to face it whole dueling against JD and Vayu. TKR really would screw me up, especially when searching is so important in Dawn Control. Gold Sarc... they already have Reinforcements of Light, you want it to be Reinforcement of JD? Obviously, Lightlord is going to be the biggest portion of the pie in this tourney.

From my experience and mostly from guesses, this tourney would be concord by 5 main deck types. Needless to say, LS, GB variants and BF variants would be the top choices. But it is also not surprising for Light BEAT or Light Undead BEAT or just abound any other effective antiMETA to be see in the dozens. The last piece of the pie would be the "lain-lain" group or something else group.

since people are just so familiar with LS, GB and BF. I'm not gonna talk about them. Instead I'm gonna talk about, no, not the antiMETA , as I suck with it. I'm gonna talk about the "Lain-lain" group, which reminds me of filling in forms when you are about to fill in the column of your race.

Possible GOOD "lain-lain" decks :

1. J&D variant - we know why. Many people reads You-Know-Who's blog and it is a great deck. It can beat virtually any of the above decks in the right hands and the right sides(which is very difficult and most good players in Malaysia would run the more famed decks instead of a concept)

pros - Easy tuning , low chances of dead-drawing , have an answer to virtually anything in the META , there are 2 mascot instead of 1.

cons - lacks absolute power (not the freakin' booster pack) , not easy to manipulate , 1 siding mistake and you are gone...

2. Monarchs variants - a stable deck type, slow, but stable

pros - do I really need to write this? simple + sweet + a big 2400 on the field + no Gorz to bully them = good!! that and the fact that aside from the 10 staples, you have virtually the whole deck to mod.

cons - one and only weakness - THEY ARE FREAKIN' SLOW!!!

3. Gemini Plants - curse you Neux for uploading this to Youtube!!

pros - fast , monsters come out for free , a simple and sweet OTK and a dozen of cards that works well with plants + 4 Solemns instead of 1!!

cons - luck dependent (to some extent), aside from that, I really don't think it has any other major weakness...

4. truly original never seen before 1 of a kind deck - how am I suppose to describe it?

pros - It has the "element of surprise" , no one would know how to side against it perfectly(which you could always side out) , emotional pressure to your opponent (like when Shawn 1st duel Rauzes in J&D)

cons - It normally doesn't do as well as planned....

well, considering Malaysians are a bunch of A-holes, I would expect the percentages of the "lain-lain" group decks lower than 5%. Well, if we don't consider kids with 40 random cards or a SD with a few added cards as in this category, then I think my assuption would be correct.

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