Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fortune Lady ~ N.O.S(40)

I wrote about my Fortune Lady built a few post ago. I never post a complete decklist cause I don't have the necessary cards for the entire deck, right now, I still don't have Fortune Lady Fiery(sad I know), but I have been test playing it with proxies and it does very well, as long as your opponent isn't the sort of deck that clears the field as its nothing. Its not a very fast deck and it needs a turn or 2 to set up the play.

As most FL builds runs Future Vision, my version don't partially cause I want to be different and mostly due to the fact that I can't afford it. Unlike most FL decks that don't run Fortune Future, it is in fact my deck's key card.

why NOS ? cause I feel Turbo just doesn't express how fast this deck really is.

so I'll cut the crap and get started with the deck.

monsters (19):

3x FL Lighty
3x FL Darky
3x FL Watery
2x FL Fiery
2x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Dark Armed Dragon
3x Apprentice Magician
2x Junk Syncron

spells (17):

3x Fortune Future
2x Allure of Darkness
3x Arcane Barrier (I just love this card so much)
3x Magical Dimension
2x Pot of Avarice
1x One-for-One
1x Monster Gate
1x Heavy Storm
1x Swords of Revealing Light

traps (4):

3x Inter-Dimensional Matter Transporter
1x Torrential Tribute


2x Inter-Dimensional Matter Transporter
2x Fortune Slip

does the same effect most of the time.

key cards :

Fortune Lady Lighty & Darky

needless to explain the heart of every FL decks. Swarm so freaking fast its not even funny. You wanna get Lighty out ASAP and search for Darky. Then repeat the whole process.

Chaos Sorcerer

Helps remove FL from play, most of the time Lighty and Darky for Future Fortune to work, get rid of potential threats ie Judgment Dragoon, Stardust and Armor wing. You know how good this card is.

Fortune Future

It lets you fill your grave for Dark Armed AND lets you draw 2. Best draw card ever. Since there is Pot of Avarice you won't run out of options and DAD and Chaos Sorcerer just keeps getting back into the deck. Allure also helps abit here and your opponent might always Bottomless your Darky. When dueling against Undead Syncro or Lightsworn, side in Soul Release and this card works magic!!


ditches dead cards or that extra monster needed for Pot of Avarice or DAD, and summons Lighty fast.

Inter-Dimensional Matter Transporter

Staple in all FL decks. Saves your monsters if someone wants to Black Rose your field.


I think since SD16, all the Spellcaster related deck I build revolves around drawing. I guess I just love Arcane Barrier very much.

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