Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its confirmed!!

Yusei pack 3 has been confirmed and coming out in October. Thats not surprising, but whats coming out with it is.

No, its not Duelist Pack Jack Atlus, Its Duelist Pack Crow Hogan!?

Wow!? Cheap BF? Arms Wing and Vayu Rare?(like how Cydra was) Armor Wing and Black Feather Dragon Super? Ultra rare? Freakin' Aurora?

Anyways, this is good news for me (and others who sold their BF or can't afford BF), it also possibly means BF is gonna get hit by the list(maybe, cause its not Top Tier anywhere outside the SEA region...)

Whoever made this decision, I thank you and for once I'm glad we didn't get Duelist Pack Jack Atlus (or maybe we can substitute this with the Yusei pack 3)


Well, I finally come to realize that how decks in the current format is categorize!!

Weak - no combo deck

Normal - decks with combo//strategy

Good - anything that is stable and can//has already top some tourney

Awesome - anything that has >70% victory chances against something in the "good" level

I don't Duel, I win!! - anything that can spam Trishula like there is no tomorrow should fall under this category

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