Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grapha fails! Tourguide FTW

Obviously I'm talking bout the YCS this past weekend. I wasn't really surprise that Tourguide Plants won, I'm actually cheering for someone this YCS, Billy Brake, cause I really wanna see a back-to-back champion, and it did happen.

Tourguide Plants took 20 of the top 32 seats, according to math, thats 62.5% of the field. They also have 6 agents, bunch of random decks and no Grapha (sorry Ice, you mad?).

My friend back home told me he thinks that DW will top YCS Columbus, because "Grapha is gay, they have Tourguide AND Raven, no Asian Format bullshit etc". I  told him Plants would win, if they don't, its gonna be Agents. Reason being DW is a bad deck.

Guess I was right this time.

Dude went upset because I outright said his "unbeatable" deck bad, and I threw gasoline on the burning fire, I told him this "Dude, your DW beat my X Sabers twice in a couple dozen duels, you really still think the deck is good?"

Problem with my friend's deck was that he ran 3 Goldds and Silvas. Because they are broken and Virus kills everything!!

Back to YCS Columbus!! 3 Maxx C mained is good, although I have mixed feelings bout it. I tried main 3 Maxx C here in OCGland, its good, but I just don't feel secure.

Thats it for my random rant. My brain is stuff with my assigments dealed in ... 3 weeks. Why do I bother since the deal date is so far ahead? Because one of my team mate is a bitch and he plans to have a few consultation with the lecturer next Monday morning, for a subject that doesn't accumulate any GPA points. Nice job!


Yuginshin said...

It's not that Dark World are bad it's that Synchro Monsters (The decks name according to Konami's writers) as a whole are ridiculously good... Now your friends Dark World build sounds pretty terrible lol Dark World are good only if built correctly and even then can't derp like they did last format. You play OCG... you know about the end of that format lol.

LGQ said...

true, but I've never really said DW as bad. This is actually a hate post directing to my friend.

still, DW is not a good deck. At least the results here says so.

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