Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Testing Results

Tested my Chaos BF build on DN yesterday night with Fishtank using Rabbit Lagia. Was working pretty good as I could beat Lagia easily and swarm for game. Gorz is important as it serves as an easy out to Lagia.

The matches I lost all have Fishtank playing Black Rose and then summon Hipposaurus to attack for game. I've added in Effect Veiler to replace Maxx C. But in the 3 games after I did that, I never pulled it once.

Pretty satisfied with the deck but I know this is NOT the deck I would be playing this format.

I tested Quickdraw Dandy against Agents for a few rounds, and came up with conclusion that Drill Warrior = Quaser next turn.

I was testing Maxx C, but it really didn't did anything. My opponent would normally go for Venus plays turn 1. Unless I pulled the Maxx C turn 1, it doesn't really matter. Might drop them for a Veiler and a Trago.

Signing off now, going to work, have a nice day!

1 comment:

blackwingEX said...

well... most boss monster drops (JD, BLS, Kristya) involves only 1 summon that doesn't use a chain-link

so responding with Maxx C then is moot but Maxx C is still a must against most decks like X-Saber, Junk-Doppel etc...

Drill Warrior = Quasar (given that there is level eater in the GV :D)