Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tourney report and Trap Dustshoot

Went to Gamer's Arena today for tourney as a member of Team DDB, short for Don't Dark Bribe. The team consist of me, SST and Fishtank. The reasons for the name is private and I don't feel like discussing this online, but for those who go to my locals, it should be pretty obvious.

I bought my last Darksoul so I decide to play Sabers in the tourney. BUT, I did something really stupid, I mained 3 Rai-Oh, 2 Creature Swap and 2 Prison just because I felt that Agents are gonna be big.

I didn't test the deck later cause I have no time and stuff. Which lead to big problems after this. Note to self, never do big modifications to your deck just before tourney. Cause it doesn't always works.

I was told later on (game 3) that this was single elimination instead of swiss. Putting pressure on me is fun I guess.

1st match vs Junk Doppel

Game 1 : I started with 2 Duality and 2 Rai-Oh. Summon the Thunder King and BTH. He had Trooper to run over it. I drew and he played Dustshoot, getting rid of Rai-Oh, I played Duality for Boggard. His MST got rid of BTH and he knew I have nothing left, so he spammed everything he had for game.

Game 2 : I started and slowly build up resources for the kill, standard Sabers stuff.

Game 3 : I open double Faultroll, Boggard, Fullhelm, Heavy, awesome hand. He set monster and spell/trap. I drew into Pot, he played Dustshoot. My Super Special Awesome hand just turned into shit as I have nothing to play at all. I manage to pull Reinforce Truth and block his attack for long enough and top decked Boggard. I summon Boggard, he has Striker and a face down. I special summon Faultroll, he played Torrential.

So, scrubbed.

Dustshoot defines the format, he told me after the match that things was easy on his part because he knew what I have and just played around them.

The dude also went all the way to semi finals where he was defeated by Abang Long and his Agent.

The results today was :

1st : Long - Agent Angel
2nd : Sean - Chaos BF

Game 3 for that match was epic, and Sean have game at one point but he gave up the gamble and instead try playing conservative, his opponent topped deck MST for the win. Sean had Decisive Armor on the field, while his opponent has Gellenduo on field, no face downs, Cyber Dragon and Krystia in hand. Playing Armor's 3rd effect here would mean game. But Sean chose not to risk hitting nothing, but instead summoning his Thunder King (his last card in hand), with Warning set, believing it was full proof. A top deck MST blew Warning, Cyber Dragon was tribute summoned, and Chimera Tech cleared the field. Krystia came out finally and turned the duel around.

Zack said something quite good for once,  "There are just times you can't predict what your opponent has, thats when you man up and throw logic out of the window and act like a gamble."

Something like that although it was in Mandarin, so I don't know how much of the original text still there.

Moral of the day :

1. Be prepared for battle, don't come unprepared and don't change your game plan before testing it out.

2. Playing safe wins you games; but lady luck is a bitch most of the time


Sean said...

Haha, yeah. I should've gone more aggro at that time but I opted to play safe and activated Decisive Armor's 1st Effect to destroy his set card (it was Solemn Judgment) instead. However, even if I did hit his CyDra and Krystia with Decisive Armor's 3rd Effect he would still have a chance to fight on thanks to his annoying Gallenduo :).

Although his topdecked MST was amazing, credit to him for figuring out the Chemeratech play and controlled the game with Kristya there and then. It was a good game.

Sean said...

Erm, correction on my previous comment: His Gallenduo would have been destroyed if he takes LP damage if I had activated Decisive Armor's Effect. So in the end I should have took the aggro route. Small misplay on my part :).

LGQ said...

yeah, his top deck MST would be useless agaisnt a 3300 Decisive Armor, but I wouldn't say that as misplay, as you didnt have info on your opponent's hand at all.

BTW, did I spelled his name right?

Sean said...

Thx.. The match actually boiled down to the decision of whether to activate Decisive Armor's 1st or 3rd Effect. I made the wrong choice and got screwed. I think that is why that Monster was named "Decisive Armor" haha :D. Besides, I guess I overrated Raiou at that moment too.

And ya, you spelled his nickname right but his surname is "Phang".

mike said...

"zack said something good for once"


he usually doesnt say good stuff?

LGQ said...

The stuff he normally says are almost always too obvious or directed to a subject that only a specific group would understand

Cookie said...

in short , zack always talk rubbish. lol