Monday, October 31, 2011

Sorry for not posting

Super Busy with School and stuff. Since this is a short sem they cram things into half the time slot, plus I'm taking 2 more subjects than most of my course mates, so I don't really have much time for any thing.

This Sunday will be Team Tourney or what ever the official name is. Since Nick didn't give me any reply last week, I've ditch him and join someone else's team.

Not so sure what deck I'm gonna play thou, I guess I would only have time this Saturday. I know you need tons of play test, but I just don't have time this coming month.

I'll be free again by December, just in time for Dragonic Legion!!

Karakuri Offering Gadget is a lot more powerful than what I originally expected. I mained 3 Dust Tornado to play Offering safer and it works out really good.

Might need to work on the spell line up abit since its still based on Gadgets.

Need some suggestions, my role in the team would be the dude that plays combo based spam decks, since we have a Aggro and a Control player already.

What deck do you think would be better, Karakuri based, Plant based or something else entirely? Note that the 3 of us share a single ban list.