Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Tourney Report

Its a Single Elimination Tourney, and I played Junk Doppel, since I'm most comfortable with the deck. My strategy against Inzektor? Kamikaze, I siding 3 Shadow Imprisoning Mirrors, bet they don't see that coming.

Round 1 : VS Inzektor

Seriously, that was fast.

Duel 1 : I open One for One ditching Dandy to get Formula out. I set MST but on his turn, he had Heavy. He then played Allure, removing Damsel. I swear to god my balls shrank when I saw that ditch. But fortunately for me, he didn't pull good I suppose, Foolish for Hornet, set 2 and pass back to me after a misplay, he summoned Tomato and hit Formula, cause I thought it had 1000 def. I then did a Heavy Storm + Trishula and he shuffled, knowing he has no outs to a Trishula with no Hormet in sight and no hands.

Duel 2 : I open what I thought to be the worst hand ever. It was 2 Shadow Mirrors, a Dandy, BLS and Wing Blast. He open with a Foolish for Hornet, set 3 and D Fissure. I was like ... shit. But I topped MST, got rid of Fissure. I then set Dandy, set all 3 Traps, which he had 2 MST for, but he missed 1 Mirror. His Damsel turned Vanilla and I topped Reaper and stalled the next 20 minutes. A lot of cards later, I cleared the field and both of us have 2 hands, life was 4900 to 5100 with him leading. He had Leviair fetched his Hornet and attacked my monsters. I summoned BLS (finally) but he had BTH. My last option was to make a Stardust with Lonefire, a Glow from grave and Spore removing Lonefire, my last card in hand was Junk Synchron, but I don't have any non-tuners in the grave for target. He then made another Leviair with Damsel into Hornet, forcing Stardust to tribute itself and get centipede. He got back his Damsel and send Hornet to grave to destroy his own Call, upon realizing his only Inzektor in deck was a lone Hornet. He summoned that, look at my banished pile, and saw Lyla, 1900 + 1900 +1700 is game, but he realize he didn't have a 3rd Leviair. So he settled with Revise and take me down to 600. Stardust came back, I pulled a RoTA and that fetched me Doppel and spelled GAME for him, since he told me he had no monsters left in the deck.


Round 2 : VS TG Agent

Duel 1 : He started with the Venus play but C got me 2 cards, one was Heavy. He set 2. I played Storm, summon Grandmole (yes, I main Grandmole, cause I HATE Gachi Gachi). He summon Earth, I Veiler'ed it, it attacked my Mole and Venus hit Directly. On my turn, I ditch Dandy for Spore, summon Debris, made Trishula, Android and Formula. Attacked and ended. He then Special Striker and summon Earth, grabs the Venus, Exceed into Gachi. I syncro Black Rose, made Gachi into attack and attack for game.

Duel 2 : He open Earth for Venus, ending with 1 set. I MST'ed that (MST) and set Sangan and Dustshoot. Dustshoot got rid of Hyperion. I remember seeing Judgment. He then tries to Trishula me, but I had Veiler. I topped One for One again. Getting 2 Fluff tokens and Spore (doppel came down), which got me Formula. I tune the other with Spore for Catastor, which he played Judgment on. I then tune Doppel and Formula for Arm, special BLS from hand. Game.


Round 3 : VS WWBF

Duel 1 : Since it was a friend of mine, the duel wasn't as stressful. I don't remember the exact details but i won from Stardust, a Formula on the field and I summon Junk Syncron and made Black Rose to attack him all out.

Duel 2 : He had 2 cards in hand. I played Storm on his backrows. I summoned Junk Syncron, get Doppel back and special another Doppel. Next I got a 3900 Junk Warrior out and attacked him directly and he dropped to 800, with me at 3000. I'm feeling good since I have Veiler for DAD and his likes. But he summoned Sirocco, I was thinking maybe a Bora, but Veiler can stop that, he attacked me and dropped Kalut. and took exactly 3000 life from me. I guess I was over confident here.

Duel 3 : I started with Decree and Reaper set. He set 4 backrows and ended. THE END.


Round 4 : VS Pure Agents//Agent Angel

Duel 1 : I somehow got him to 5400. He had a gachi out. I had Reaper and Dandy set. I special Sorcerer, he payed for Judgment, leaving him at 2700. I pay special Glow from grave, get Arm out, and banish Glow for Spore. 3+4+2 = 9.

Duel 2 : He opened Gachi and set 2. I played Heavy, he had Starlight Road. I wasn't expecting that. I summon Grandmole and attacked his Stardust, he played Mirror Force. I set 2 (bluffs), he summon Earth, got out Catastor, Banish Earth for Hyperion and Venus for his effect. MST'ed my last card and attack for game.

Duel 3 : I open Dustshoot to see Sangan, Mole, Shining Ball, Judgment, Dark Hole and Torrential. I got rid of Sangan. He summoned Mole, I played Warning (which I didn't know why either), he set both his cards and MST got Torrential. I summon my Mole, flipped Dandy and attacked for 1200, and Overlay them for Revise ... why did I do that? He had Dark Hole ... Venus came out and attacks for 2000. I set Doppel and Compulse. I have Junk in hand but he had Judgment. He attacked my monster, I played Compulse on Gachi, wanting him to negate it, he let that go. I then end up losing cause I slowed myself too much fearing Judgment.

OXX - what pisses me off was my opponent told me sorry he wasn't paying attention during the coarse of the match, his mind was on some prom or something. Which my friend translated into "I don't need to play my fullest to beat you ..." LOL.

Top16/8? I'm not that sure myself. But this is my best record in a large single elimination tourney to date.

Things that happened during the tourney :

1. Andrew Ng is actually a bot. His name appeared in 2 seats in round 1, and his opponent's got a bye for the match. LCW "dueled" him round 2. Another Bye.

2. Some dude dropped his deck box from the table and at least a dozen of Zenmighty and Hunter fell out. Frenzy didn't happen thou.

3. Fishtank and Sunny scrubbed!! But their anonymous friend, who never NEVER played a single tourney (big or small) before, made it to top16 I think. Apparently, he faced Andrew (LoL) in the 1st duel. Fishtank said his gonna cry his way home.

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WOW.Thats epic .They actually called my cell to ask where I was ..