Thursday, December 8, 2011

From Rauzes

Checked my FB mailbox a few minutes ago and saw Rauzes sent me this.

"Yo I thought of a nice idea of YGO deck using the new Trial Deck cards.
Go ahead and post it up

Sin Chaos

Key Cards: Chaos Zone, Sin Dragons

Chaos Zone:
By summoning the Sin Dragons alone, it gains 1 counter.
Objective is not to utilize its special summoning ability(which can still be used to call out Blue Eyes with 8 Counters) BUT
When its destroyed with 1 or more Chaos Counters, it can search a Light/Dark monster with levels less than the counters on it.

If you summon ONE Sin Dragon, and they chain Cyclone, you can do the following:
Chain 1 in response to summon: Cyclone.
Cyclone resolves, destroys Chaos Zone with 1 Counter.
You use the 1 counter to search Machine Emperor Wizel(OH FUCK! LEVEL 1!)

Although you cant special summon at this time, its a good search. The opponent wont mindlessly blow up Chaos Zone after that.

Enemy used 1 Card, you used 2 Cards.
End result: You lost 2 cards, thinned deck 2 cards(1 Wizel, 1 Sin Dragon, potentially 1 Terraforming used), and have a Wizel in hand.

Key Card:
Eclipse Wyvern

Hi. I search any Sin Dragon by feeding Chaos Soldier/Sorcerer. WTF.

Deck build would be 2/3 Sin world and 3 Chaos Zone.

Key Sin Dragons:
Sin Blue Eyes(Light/Dark, 3k, Thin Deck), Sin Stardust, Sin Cyber End(Just power)

Key Monsters:
Machine Emperor Wizel INFINITY
Chaos Soldier/Chaos Sorcer.
Eclipse WyvernX3, A few other Level 4s: Summon Priest?

Secret to generating a lot of LIGHT monsters in graveyard:
2 Level 4s, Exceed Hope.
Use Hope to Exceed Hope Ray.

Now, you have just pulled 2 LIGHT monsters from the Extra deck, and whatever was used to exceed.
If you have enough, exceed something else, use Eclipse Wyvern instead to search.

Another use of Hope:
Negate 2 attacks. 3rd attack will cause it to self destruct.
Oh Snap Wizel @.@

Keep in mind Eclipse is OPTIONAL and can miss timing to remove, but to add is compulsary.
You can also use Eclipse to balance out the number of Sin Blue Eyes/Normal Blue Eyes in your deck to make less dead draws.

Draw Engines: Allure of Darkness, Trade In. "


mike said...

mmm rauzes :)

Anonymous said...

Eclipse wyvern is a mandatory optional effect because it has "If".

So it can't miss the timing

TheMightyCelfon said...

Sweet Idea! I'm definitely trying this out on DN! xD

Anonymous said...

I need help, i need more lv 4 monsters or light attribute monsters.

Jaymie said...

Mandatory Optional? that's an oxymoron. There is no "mandatory optional" effects in YGO.

Jaymie said...

sorry, meant "are no".

Rauzes said...

To remove from play effect of eclipse is optional. Can only be sent to graveyard as last part of chain and not part of chain.
To add that removed dragon is compulsary.

Why do you need so many light?
Anything + Eclipse = Hope -> Hope Ray -> Dies -> 3 Lights in Graveyard. Eclipse effect goes off. Profit.

Anonymous said...

That was the easiest way I could think of explaining it lol