Monday, December 19, 2011

Tourneys, Organizers and how people think

I think this is the 1st time I'm posting something about how people think. Well, there's not been a successful tourney in Toysbar (yugioh wise) since August. The turnouts are usually extremely low. Toysbar, since the beginning of the year had replaces Gamers Arena as my locals, mostly cause its closer to my place and parking is free. BUT, recently, I've been feeling like going back to Gamers.

I really miss dueling, and by dueling, I don't mean play the damn game, but play it right. And I almost never get into the mood to play seriously unless something is on the line, and I think many felt the same as well. Maybe I'll stick to GA starting next year since I'm moving out (again) and it'll be a lot closer.

Problem with TB's YGO tourney problem. I asked a few locals and most of them gave me this very disappointing answer.

Its not worth rm15 if they won't be taking anything but a TP. One of them (which I shall not name) stated that his cool with the entry prizes, but he wants a fair chance to win, not paying up so the winners take good stuff for little cash.

I was a little confused by this as in TB, there's no judge (if Cookie isn't there) and we just check out issues regarding rullings on Wikia. Thus, there won't be any bias. And the pairings are done by drawing lots, so unless God hates you, you have your fair chance. BUT, he answered something entirely different.

Dude claims that its a waste of their time cause the winners are almost always predetermined as me and Fishtank have won every (yes, every) tourney since May, and its a waste of effort for most of them. I'm sure thats not how everyone thinks, but at least theres a few who thinks that way.

That, I couldn't do nothing, as I can't possibly just give them a free win.

Most others give another reason thou, which may be reasonable to them, but not so to the organizers and us competitive players.

Most players in TB are looking to get at least a Booster pack and a TP for just entering the tourney, thus, no one wasted any thing. This is good if the organizer is Konami, but in our locals, the organizers are just players like ourselves. No way they're gonna ditch out cash so everyone is happy. The profit margin is too low, unless they alter the prizes.

I speak for myself on this one, but I don't mind getting shitty entry prizes if the main prize is good. I don't mind paying 15 and not getting anything if I lose if I'm getting something like Lavaval Chain if I win.

But most people don't think that way. Thus organizers are having tough times. RM15 is actually the maximum amount of cash most people would pay for a tourney.

So, its either going to be "fair" and everyone gets something but shitty grand prizes, the more competitive players would not even think of coming because I would be better of playing for my ranking at GA. If the grand prize is good, the former group won't show because they know they're not getting anything from it, and when that happens, there are gonna be less than 8 players (which is most of the time, me and team Arco).

Of cause, the fact that TB is more based on Bushiroad card games such as WS and VG is a huge part of YGO being further down in priority.

Not sure how I've sounded after that wall of text. Am I bitching or ranting? Seriously, I have no clue. I've never wrote anything like this. And my "market analysis" must have suck and not made sense right? Sorry if it does, can't help it, I'm an Engineer.

But, thats just how I felt right now. I feel like the YGO community in TB is falling apart. People are saying that its the format that lead this to happen, well, the current Asian format is a VERY skill driven format, we consistently see the big names topping (Sam won Top Shop and MY team took 2nd in Asia Team), but to the lesser experienced players, they might shy away from the game and play something less "experience driven".

Also, I would say the gap between good and bad players in YGO is really huge now, you can easily stuff a F.G.D in there and still have room for Blue Eyes. I could easily call out whose gonna win by just looking at whose playing (like when we suddenly saw Sam playing in Top Shop Qualifier, most of us were just like ... I'm not winning ... am I?). I'm guessing that kinda also lead to why TB YGO is suffering.


LFN said...

Isn't Konami already trying to remedy this, by printing overpowered cards so that Average Joe can win too?
I mean yea they have to use it properly... but chances have increased lol.

Reborn Tengu, unbanning BLS etc


Rauzes said...

3 factors determine the outcome of the game:
Card Power

To win at hte following games, you need the following:
Yugioh: Card Power and Skill
MTG: Skill! and Luck
Vanguard: Luck and Skill
WS: LUCK!!! luck, and some card power.
Duel masters: Card Power, some skill.

Simply put, if you want to win off of luck, you dont play yugioh or mtg. you play Vanguard or WS.

If you want to win on card power, DM or YGO is the game for you.

Cookie said...

I don't think the persons above me comment could answer your question... My only comment for the post is... Did you consider the who is the organizers? =]
As in , Locals in GA now is free entry. and its gaining popularity scaling from a minimum 8 to 32 players every weekends.

Anonymous said...

Haha gq it's normal because people nowadays must be spoon fed. They give up easily, just because they are facing somebody more experienced than them and nagging that they don't get anything in the process because they paid rm 15 to enter but in fact, they gain something which is more valuable than the prize which is experience. One word sums it all which is afraid, they are afraid to lose. Therefore, causing them to always have the idea that they will lose, won't pursue further and complaining. So don't take it seriously gq, humans are greedy animals haha =p.

mike said...

to the anon above me, well said, but one thing i have to question. experience can be free by playing serious duels with friends when you testdeck. it can prove to be better in some ways too. rm 15 per week is kinda alot man :/

@ GQ- if nothing changes, i suggest you go back to GA :)

LGQ said...

@Rauzes : While I do agree on what you said, I'm with Cookie in this one, we don't see how that helps solve this problem.

@cookie : Yeah, and the fact that GA already has a steady player base helps.

@ anon : True, but thats sad for us who really wanna play

@mike : more likely than not I am. Since experience players like Zack's gang and Michael's gang don't come anymore

Anonymous said...

@mike I do agree with you rm 15 is a lot haha so try talking to the organizers to reduce the amount but sometimes, they have no choice due to the lack of heads participating in the tourney and it should be called a blessing for them to even organize it LOL =p. Playing serious duels with friends, yes it will help you gain experience but only on the same deck basis. Playing in tourney is the best place to gain experience of all sorts of decks and plays ^^.

Anonymous said...

@GQ I know how you feel... The thrill of playing against an experience player and a beginner is two different things that can't be compared at all, no matter how you try to link them.

Anonymous said...

@GQ If you are wondering who am I, I can just give you a hint and you will know =P. The person who uses a deck name dragunity haha ^^

Cookie said...

@GQ : are wrong in this case , local tournies in GA as what i deemed as 1st tier for KL tournies for my ratings includes myself to be there to play as well every weekends recently. Due to the new ranking system , lots of players have been playing including so called experienced.
We see Zack there everyday. LOL and michael's gang plays there always too. We also see the MDS , the malay yugioh players , being competitive themselves with varieties of decks like x-sabers , bf and the recent hype insector , they do top always. We also see local players where i see them more to playing DW's and the recent dragon decks due to local player's budget where they afford only 3 decks. well.. and this recent meta , is really the most healthy one i have seen so far , with over 10 different competitive decks playing in it and me being the only Offering Gadget and topping last weekend. xD

LOL , why i type so much where as well i go and update my blog.. paiseh.. brb go update blog =D