Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Tourney Report

I just wanna get the TP with that Jurrac, I could care less bout Hope and GR Monster Reborn.

Deck used : X-sabers, since I'm lame

match 1 vs Ken Shing - Dark World

1st duel : He wins with random DW shits
2nd duel : I sided, he doesn't stand a shit of a chance
3rd duel : Like I said, I no longer have targets for Grapha and stupid Lightning so I proceed to beat him.


match 2 vs Keok - Dark World

1st duel : He Grapha'ed my set cards and won after a few attacks with me having nothing.
2nd duel : Sided out all those cards he might hit, he has no targets. I won from there.
3rd duel : Pulled Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, Gottom's Loop his whole hand. Felt good since its DW.


match 3 vs Lam - Dark World

Since he wanted Hope and  I dont want anything in particular, we decide to just split or something and just play a duel instead of match.

1st duel : He Grapha'ed my BTH, then somehow beat me with it.


Results : Second, got GR Reborn and 2 TP (which I later found out to be the wrong packs).

Well, really, 3 DWs when I'm playing Sabers. Not that they matter at all since my side pretty much did its job every match.

Thats it for today, can't elaborate because Team Mamak just had this long ass discussion on how Vanguard Sucks, how the current format sucks, a few racist issues and among others.

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