Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm sorry I've not been posting, but I still have 2 more papers coming up in the next 3 days, but something really caught my attention.

On Shriek and some other sits, I'm seeing the updated GS04 list. 2 more cards were added to it.

1st was Pot of Duality. Well, this is no surprise, since its a 2 year old card now and deserved its reprint ages ago. For people who didn't see this, yes, its coming. If its not in GS04, its gonna be in some other reprint next year.

The other however, was a big surprise. Wind-Up Zenmaines.

What? A TCG exclusive in a reprint set? Really?

Not that this has not happen before. Grandmaster of Six Samurai and Volcanic Rocket were printed in Jump Festa a year before EXP1, so I guess its possible. But I would be lying if I say I saw this coming.

I'm guessing the success of Wind-ups and the fact that the previous 2 GS were failures lead Konami to such desperate measures.

I'm still not buying on this completely, as this does seems too good to be true.

So, what more can I expect from this? Tourguide as a common maybe?


BTMW_Anarchy said...

any thoughts about tengus?

Naoki said...

Just found out, the fonts of the Monster Name are not gold in color? o.0

But it looks really legit to be not true~