Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally, the semester is OVER!!!

Well, I still have my finals coming in a week or so, but that dreadful sem is finally done!!

I apologize for not having anything posted this week, its been a super busy week, assignment, labs and the bloody lectures are stacking up (all thanks to the random holidays Malaysia always have). Well, I guess that what to expect from an Engineering course.

Back to YGO, I have 0 updates currently. Cause I have not been playing for the past 2 weeks.

There would be a tagforce style tourney tomorrow at Toysbar, so if your interested, please head there.

We need at least 10 teams to start the tourney. Lam wants to get back into the game competitively again (as oppose to just casual I suppose) and Nick (he said he quit playing the game quite a few times now) wants SD22 ...

I'm not joining cause I have no interest in tag duels (especially tag force style) and the prizes in my eyes aren't good at all. 2 boxes of SD22 maybe good for someone, but I really have no interest.

And I don't have a teammate anyway, so I could care less. 

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