Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oppression Being Irrelevant

Many are saying we need Oppression back or we continue getting our ass raped by Inzektors. I want Oppression back too, and I see it back March 1st, BUT, unless something happen to Inzektor, or someone found a flaw in that +4 loop or that Zenmighty Loop, or maybe just a super special awesome tech that would render them useless. Its not gonna do much.

Oppression never succeed in stopping a Tier 1 deck from being tier 1, it did however, joined their ranks and made them more consistent.

Oppression does next to nothing to standard Inzektors in my books. Reason being Hornet. Its gonna blow Oppression up before searching for Centipede, and blow more shit up.

Unless your opponent has something like Hyperion, Krystia or BLS (bosses who would outright kill you if you 2nd Inzektor might somehow failed itself), you would target the backrow first. In this format, people don't set alot. Unless your gonna risk it out and set 4, hoping Hornet misses, and you won. BUT, even after taking Storm out of the question, IF your opponent hits Oppression, his gonna rape your other 4 cards off. Setting useless cards against Inzektors are suicide.

And if you could set multiple in the first place, and not fear a Heavy Storm to the face, your not in any position to be scare of Inzektors. BTH, Torrential, Warning are 3 cards almost always seen in a deck with 10+ traps, and all of these stop the loop just as well, no, they stop it better. You want something that stays, Macro or Shadow Mirror.

I still do think Oppression should and would be coming back March 1st, but I don't see it terribly good against Inzektor, of cause, 1 more generic card against them would increase your chances, but the problem with Oppression would be, you don't wanna see it at the other side of the table. Hornet can blow his own cards, and with Oppression back, I imagine they would run Trap Stun again, instead of MSTs.

During the past weekend, I've been playing alot against Inzektors. Maybe I'm just being confident in my own deck, I don't think a +4 Hornet loop would outright kill Junk Doppel, theres not many cards he can hit in the first place. Zenmighty Loop does the same effect to the deck, as long as he doesn't pull Dimensional Fissure. The biggest problem most deck have against Inzektors would be how good the deck works with Fissure. How can a deck with an ability to gain massive pluses, rape your opponent's hand and just outright makes Leviair like its free, plays Fissure so well.

I'm saying this based on my own opinion, but I felt that people are fearing the wrong card. Samurai, Laggia and now Inzektor all dominated their own format (until a new set release or banlist), they all have 2 things in common, wasting your opponent's resources and access to Dimensional Fissure. D Fissure wins games for you in the right deck, but people are so preoccupied with the loops and shits, they tend to forget the main thing killing them is Fissure, not the loop itself.

If your playing Agents, you don't have set cards most of the times, unless your opponent has Gigamantis, his not gonna kill you, you've loss next to nothing and your gonna take out his field next turn. Hornet has a +4 loop? Venus Gachi play does the same thing, it doesn't destroy 2 of your opponent's card, Gachi waste them. And you have Orange Light to deal with the loop in the first place, unlike Veiler in Plants, Agent thins their deck a lot faster and pulls them more often. The problem now would only be Fissure, the card that stops all of your plays.

BUT, there is no doubt Inzektor Wind-Up is a broken deck. There's no disagreement that its tier 1, some might even argue its tier 0, but we all know thats not true. Its amazing but not unbeatable.

That was my personal opinion. I'm a little weird and look at things at a different way to many I guess.

Just build my own version of TG Agents, but unlike how most people play it, my focus is not on Agents, but on TG. The deck works like how an average Junk Doppel should, summoning very very beefy monsters steadily and ending the game by flooding the field with monsters. Basically, its now my Combo/Spam deck for Official Tournaments. My Junk Doppel is my Control/Annoying Stall deck for Official Tournaments.

How the hell these 2 decks swap functions? I just found that I work better with builds like this, and I just like to be different. Venus, Warwolf and Hyperion easily makes an OTK and by NOT summoning Venus head on, the chances of me pulling it off drastically increases. Reaper, Mole and Goat, cards that you don't see in the Asian Format, just outright proof their worth to me in my Junk Doppel and after placing a lot of Traps and hand traps into the deck, it might not be as consistent in pulling out big plays, but it can stall the game long enough and waste enough cards from your opponent to pull out a kill, the way I like the game to be done.

Well, I'm just weird I guess.


mike said...

funny la you.

reaper good is good!!

yamispade said...

I feel this was as i have for awhile oppression can come back if they let Imp Order come back. Nowadays SSing is just as common as playing a spell or trap. Whats the difference between the 2 if you look at if from a lock down stand point. NOTHING. They give what good decks that exist more fire power to hold lead and keep bad decks in the dust. However they also have the flip suide they can be used to stop said bad decks from ever getting a good running pace to begin with.