Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Asian Championship Qualifiers Malaysia

This Saturday. The first major event for the Malaysian YGO community in 2012.

Sorry I've been posting exceedingly less (no pun) this month. My assignments are taking 90% of my time and I've only been to locals once 2 weeks ago with Mike. A few more weeks and I'm free again since most of my assignments are deal two weeks from now.

BUT, I still got the weekend off for Asian Qualifier, thanks to my wonderful course mates.

The major power house or the TOP deck of this tourney, would be, without a doubt, Inzektors.

With no cards from their deck being promos and a boost from GAOV. This deck means business. Not to mention the deck is basically made out of commons and rares, minus Mantis and the extra deck. Prepare to see at least 50% of the players playing Inzektors.

The other 50% would be made out of Hiero, Laggia, Dark World and randoms.

I don't expect Hiero would be played in numbers because its main OTK card, Gustav Max! is a promo and not allowed. But, with the consistency to pull out big moves, and being a new and powerful theme. But mostly because the organizers forces us to crack GAOV boxes to enter, I say Hiero would have a powerful showing and hopefully, its debut in Asian Format Malaysia would be a good one.

I would be playing Hieros if Sharmir could get me my Bouncer by this weekend.

Despite what people are saying, and not being TCG-level gay, Laggia or Dino Rabbit seems to be the next best deck to Inzektors. The major reason why I say this deck would do good is that, like Inzektors, the deck doesn't have promos. Being able to play at 100% is a major factor in winning big tourneys like this.

With Agents out of tier 1, DW replace them as the number 1 Structure deck theme. Grapha is amazing, and Gate is one of the best field spells we've seen for a while. BUT, I don't see the deck winning. People are siding Dark Imprisoning Mirror and Macro Cosmos for the Inzektors match up, and most players have 3 copies of MST for their disposal. Although the Hong Kong Qualifier result shows a DW getting into the finals might be proof that they don't matter, since DW is one of the best deck against Inzektors.

All the other decks are fillers. This tourney is basically an attempt by the 3 Tier 1's to overthrow Inzektors as the Top deck.

Wish me luck, I hope I don't end up playing some random deck again, like what I did for almost ALL of my official tourneys.

Now, Back to work!


Sean said...

Nice post. I think that there will be quite a number of players who will run Wind-ups or Inzecter-Wind-Ups too.

PS: Best of luck in the qualifiers :)

GQ said...

really? I feel the deck is dead with 3 Card Car and 3 Pots to get 3 Veilers

Sean said...

Not everyone feels the same. Also, that deck has got a lot of influence since it's been used by Sam to win the Top Shop Tourney :).

Boni said...

Wishing you luck here from the Philippines!